New Microsoft 365 features for dental clinics

New Microsoft 365 features for dental clinics

Over the past few years, Microsoft Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) has slowly replaced the traditional email services and SharePoint installations of many healthcare providers, as well as provided end users with cloud storage. In fact, a lot of healthcare CIOs are shifting to Microsoft's new cloud platform to minimize their infrastructure footprint.

Earlier this year, the tech giant announced new Microsoft 365 features for dental clinics, hospitals, healthcare clinics, and the like. Some of these features are said to span across various products and services. These features are:

New Microsoft Teams innovations

Microsoft Teams now comes with a fully functional collaboration platform and innovations designed for clinics. These innovations can optimize your dental staff's productivity, allowing them to provide better support for your patients. They include:

  • A smart camera capable of capturing and annotating pictures while examining a patient
  • Priority notifications that will let your staff alert you about urgent matters
  • A scheduling app to manage your dental clinic's appointments

In addition, Microsoft Teams comes with a booking app that lets you schedule virtual consultations with your patients. This is perfect for patients who find it hard to move around, live in areas where dental care is not readily available, and/or have compromised immune systems.

Once you set a schedule on Microsoft Teams, your patient will receive a customized email containing the details of the consultation. It will also have a link that will allow that patient to enter the virtual consultation, either from a browser or directly through Microsoft Teams.

New Microsoft 365 features for PowerApps

If your dental clinic's electronic medical records and other internal systems are using PowerApps, the new updates Microsoft rolled out could be useful. They include:

  • Native support that allows you to deliver PowerApps straight to specific Microsoft Teams channels that authorized users can access
  • A new support system for guest users that allow patients to access PowerApps outside of your clinic
  • A brand new PowerApps web portal that allows you to introduce external-facing sites where registered users can access intake forms, patient data, and dentist's availability

Modern artificial intelligence (AI) services

Healthcare organizations have been tapping the power of AI technology to automate repetitive tasks, such as scheduling appointments, compiling frequently asked questions, and billing inquiries, to name a few. With Microsoft launching the Power Virtual Agents platform, your dental clinic can create powerful bots you can integrate into your website, social media accounts, mobile apps, Cortana, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.


Automation in legacy applications

Sometimes, there are dental applications incapable of supporting integration and the exchange of information. Unfortunately, this leaves you with no other option but to assign your staff to manually transfer such information from one system to another. This can affect your staff's productivity and their ability to focus on your patients.

If you're looking for a way to automate business processes and eliminate redundant tasks, the extra features added to Microsoft Power Automate can help you achieve that. These new features are designed to imitate how your staff interacts with any software installed on your computers. By closely monitoring how the mouse and keyboard are used, Microsoft Power Automate can repeat the actions even in the absence of your staff.

You can also use these new features for specific workflows that extract data from a screen of a legacy application. In addition, the new features that come with Microsoft Power Automate can trigger software events that are only possible through a user interface.

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