Embracing remote work for your business shouldn’t be difficult.

By being aware of the risks of today’s remote work environment, you can find more effective ways to enhance your company’s cybersecurity.

The sudden shift to remote work decentralized the workplace, and many businesses, including healthcare organizations, had to find ways to make the setup work. To do so, however, companies need to not just adopt new processes, but also secure remote endpoints and IT resources.

Becoming aware of the different imminent cybersecurity threats is the first step in keeping your company safe from cyberattacks. This is what this eBook from Pact-One is for. Our eBook enables you to get a good look at the threat landscape vis-à-vis your current cybersecurity infrastructure so you can find ways to protect your data even as your employees work remotely.


Into the era of the secure remote healthcare worker helps you:

  • Understand the challenges of remote work
  • Identify remote work cybersecurity threats
  • Enhance your business’s cybersecurity
  • Reach out to managed IT services providers
  • And more

Download our free, no-obligation eBook today and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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