VoIP Phone Services

Make your dental practice stand out with exceptional telecommunications

Think about your patients and what they experience
when trying to contact or book an appointment with you.

Due to the personal nature of healthcare information, some patients may be hesitant to leave a message and you don’t want to miss patient calls due to poor call quality and connection issues. In times when they need dental care most, a friendly voice at the other end of the line can make the difference between a patient re-booking with your practice and finding another provider. To make sure that happens, you can trust our VoIP phone services for reliable and clear connections, every time.

Pact-One Solutions’ VoIP phone services saves you time and money with:

  • Low costs – No hardware to purchase or maintain, no monthly data lines to pay, and no revenue lost due to dropped calls.
  • Easy installation – Quick and easy VoIP phone services setup and installation with options to keep your existing phone number.
  • Effective disaster recovery – Built-in call forwarding in the event of internet or power loss to ensure business phone services and your patient's experience is not affected.

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I don’t even think about my phones anymore

“My previous VoIP provider and phone system was an absolute nightmare with frequent dropped calls and poor connection quality despite having blazing fast high-speed internet. Ever since switching to Pact-One’s VoIP phone system, I don’t even think about my phones anymore.”

Dr. Wu
Northern California

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