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HIPAA Compliance

Necessary Resources and Training to Develop and Maintain Your HIPAA Compliance Program

Navigating HIPAA compliance is not an easy task for any dental practice. Have you ever considered the effectiveness of your HIPAA compliance program? Do you know the necessary steps involved in building an effective program?

Pact-One Solutions provides you and your team with the necessary resources and training to help you develop and maintain your compliance program through our partnership with Abyde, the leading provider of simplified HIPAA compliance solutions for dental practices.

Abyde for Pact-One Clients

Abyde is a technology company specializing in HIPAA & OSHA compliance education and solutions for independent dental care practices nationwide. Abyde’s unique approach to simplify government requirements allows practices to implement an action plan to ensure compliance and focus on what they do best - patient care.

With multiple government audit programs in full force, it is imperative all Pact-One Solutions customers are HIPAA & OSHA compliant. Abyde is an effortless way to ensure your business is on track and protected. With Abyde, your practice will enjoy stress-free HIPAA & OSHA compliance. Abyde software solution provides the easiest path to compliance for dental care practices of all sizes.

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Develop and maintain your HIPAA compliance program with one, simple solution. Get started with Pact-One's trusted partner, Abyde.

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