Pricing Guide

Comprehensive IT Pricing Guide for Your Dental Practice

Our goal is to empower you with honest and reliable spending information to help you budget for your needs.

The overwhelming advantage of a turnkey technology company is convenience. Many dentists find it worth the investment to let someone else handle everything — not to mention the added peace of mind knowing that there is only one company responsible for the total health of the network.

Potential Expenses for a Dental IT Service Agreement

Assuming you are like most and prefer a technology company instead of installing and supporting a network yourself, you can break your budget down into the following three categories:

  • The Base Security Package
  • The Support Package
  • Options and Accessories

What options should I consider?

Security Services Network Configuration
Backup & Disaster Recovery Email Hosting & Management
Help Desk & Remote Support Onsite Support Service
Install Project Labor VoIP Phones
HIPAA Risk Assessment & Compliance Hardware Purchase
Network Maintenance Secure Email & Data Encryption
Priority Emergency Service Cloud Services

How much does the base package cost?

This is a tricky question because every technology company is unique in how they bundle their products and services. Some will only include the shell options to make the initial price seem as low as possible and can be effective in the short term.

However, we haven’t met a client yet who enjoys being surprised with additional expenses, so in the end, we are left with an unhappy client. If you want to avoid surprise costs during your services and projects, we advise you to:

  • Be specific regarding your expectations.
  • Get everything in writing.

Purchasing a service agreement is much like purchasing a swimming pool. With so many options available, price ranges can vary drastically. Just as a pool can start around $20k with just a basic design, it can quickly cost over $50k once a consumer adds options such as tile, heaters, fencing, patios, water features, and so on.

Assuming you don’t have an existing support agreement that meets your needs, you should allocate some of your budget to those options.

What are key benefits of a maintenance and support agreement?

  • Keep technology and software assets current
  • Access and support is given by highly qualified engineers
  • Save money by helping minimize expensive network disasters
  • Get faster response times and same-day emergency service
  • Allow others to deal with hardware and software vendors on your behalf
  • Improve efficiency and reliability of IT operations
  • Enhance security and compliance
  • Enjoy peace of mind

Budgeting Tip: The average price range for a 20-computer agreement is
between $800 and $2,500 per month depending upon options.

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