Specialized IT Support
for Seattle Dentists

In dental, precision is not just desired but demanded, IT hiccups shouldn’t stand in your way. With our dedicated technicians, advanced cybersecurity, and profound dental software knowledge, we ensure your focus stays on crafting smiles, not troubleshooting technology.

Tech hurdles? Here's how we can help:

  • Delay in Patient Services? Not Anymore: Our responsive support and precise backup solution eliminates downtime, enhancing your practice’s efficiency.
  • Cybersecurity Woes? Sleep Soundly: With top-tier network security tools, your data is safeguarded like Fort Knox.
  • Hardware Hassles? Seamless Integration: Expertise in tech hardware means your computers, servers, and intraoral cameras are always ready.
  • Software Glitches? Fluent Fixes: Our techs speak the language of dental software fluently.
  • Network Nuisances? Constant Care: Proactive monitoring (working silently in the background) keeps your systems running smooth as silk.

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What Your Colleagues Say About Our Services

Tailored IT Services for Dental Offices in Seattle

Dental practices are at the heart of our IT service model. Our selection of IT service packages are tailored
to meet the needs of your unique practice. Find the expertise you need.

Dental IT Support

Help desk and local onsite technicians.

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Large Group Practice Solutions

Integrate smooth and safe solutions for digital dentistry in high-volume.

Learn More

Network Security

HIPAA healthcare-level security.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

“Air gap” backup solution that also defends against attacks and data loss.

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Network Management

Proactively monitor and respond for optimum performance.

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Cloud Solutions

Design, monitor, manage and secure your practice IT infrastructure in the cloud environment.

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Additional Services

VoIP Solutions, Office 365, Email hosting, HIPAA Risk Assessments.

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Client Success Manager

Professional insight on hardware, time-saving technology, and budget-friendly IT solutions.

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Over 20 Years of Dental Software Expertise

As a leading dental IT company, you’ll gain access to a team of technicians well-versed in dental practice
management and imaging software.

Our Step-by-Step Formula to Your Success

Here’s how we help transform your business technology in four simple steps.


Discover & Assess

We’ll have a conversation with you and conduct an in-person assessment of your current technology to understand your needs, challenges, and goals.


Review & Plan

Based on our findings, we develop a tailored IT solution and support plan to meet your goals.



We’ll deploy our solution stack and provide a personalized onboarding that includes an outline of your dental IT journey with us.



We’ll provide ongoing technical support and dental IT consulting based on your tailored plan.

Ready to eliminate the IT hiccups?

Don’t leave your tech to chance. Invest in IT support that speaks the language of dentistry.

Get started today and join the ranks of Seattle’s smile experts who are transforming their operation and patient care with seamless, secure IT.


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