Dan Edwards and his team have graciously donated their time and talent to the non-profit organization that I founded, TeamSmile, since it began nearly ten years ago. TeamSmile partners dental professionals and pro sports teams to provide free oral health care to underserved children around the US. Because our programs take place at stadiums and other like venues, there is a considerable amount of onsite setup required.

Dan’s technology solutions company, Pact-One, has provided the computer setup, year after year, for several programs a year. His dedication and follow-through can only be categorized as exceptional. Unlike how most would do it, Dan and his staff not only set up and tear down all of the technology needed for each program, but they also remain onsite throughout the entire program – all day – to ensure that everything is working properly, answer any questions that may arise and help the children.

In addition to being exceptionally dedicated, reliable and hard-working, Dan has a wonderful personality that makes working with him a pleasure.

Dr. William Busch
Co-Founder | TeamSmile | Kansas City, MO

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