My servers and workstations were all were infected by a virus from my previous IT company which infected 65 businesses. That company wasn’t helping its infected clients and my data, my client's contacts and records were being destroyed by the virus. I called Pact-One who was already rescuing other offices from this virus and James showed up within an hour and immediately saved my data to a clean hard drive. He didn’t try to talk about price or contract he just said “I’m going to treat you like an existing client” and went to work. Thanks to his quick action almost all of my data was saved. They then replaced all my corrupted and locked up workstations and upgraded my system to be current and secure for a very reasonable price. Their team got the job done fast and I was able to see all my patients without having to reschedule them. They are excellent, quick to respond, and most of all good caring people. I would have gone out of business without them. I consider Pact-One one of my essential and valued business partners.

Keith Ogawa

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