5 Tech Trends Dental Practices Should Adopt Today

5 Tech Trends Dental Practices Should Adopt Today

Thanks to technology, dental practices have vastly improved the quality of care that they give patients. In dentistry, innovations are embraced to enhance dental care and provide patients with the best experience possible.

Here are five of the most promising technology trends in dentistry:

#1. 3D printing

There's so much that dentists can do with a powerful and time- and cost-saving technology like 3D printing. Today, dental practices use 3D printers to create veneers, aligners, crowns, and tooth replacements that fit their patients perfectly and comfortably. The tech is also used to print surgical tools and accurate orthodontic models that help dentists provide better results and avoid errors.

What’s more, dental practices can now procure in-house printers and build their own products. Because of this, 3D-printed dental products are not only cheaper, but can also be delivered faster to patients.

#2. Digital impressions

More and more dentists are using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to create precise digital impressions of their patients’ teeth and mouth. Unlike traditional clay and wax molds and casts, which tend to crack and deteriorate with time, computer-generated impressions can be reused. They can also be updated easily to reflect minute changes in patients’ gums, teeth, and other parts of the mouth. Both CAD and CAM technologies integrate seamlessly with 3D printing to create high-quality dental products.

#3. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

VoIP allows users to call anyone, anytime using any device that's connected to the internet, at a fraction of the cost of conventional telephone calls. It enables dental practices to conveniently communicate and build rapport with patients, employees, vendors, and peers.

But the power and versatility of VoIP allow it to do much more than that. It integrates seamlessly with patient and practice management tools, making it easy for staff to pull up patient records, billing information, and scheduling details while they converse with patients over the phone. VoIP also supports automated calls to remind patients of appointment times with their dentist.

Dental practices can also personalize their phone systems using VoIP platforms. They can be set up to provide after-hour information and deliver automated recordings to ensure that all incoming calls are answered, even when all staff members have gone home.

#4. Laser technology

Dentists have been using laser technology for years, and they have yet to run out of uses for it. Not only is it used extensively for whitening teeth, but it can also be utilized to treat tooth decay, prep the enamel for the application of fillings, and kill bacteria during a root canal. Because of its extreme accuracy, laser is also a great tool for reshaping gums.

Dental lesions are a serious problem that lasers are also used for. In fact, many dentists prefer laser treatment over conventional surgical methods because it causes less bleeding and results in faster recovery. Some patients who undergo a laser treatment procedure also do not require sutures and anesthetics at times.

#5. Customer experience

This pertains to various technologies designed to make dental appointments, procedures, and follow-ups a positive experience for patients. Among these are various types of patient management and tracking software. These perform tasks like posting social media updates, collecting data and transporting them to secure cloud storage, delivering pre-recorded voicemails, and managing forms for patients to fill.

Related to these are tools and services designed to prevent sensitive data from being hacked. Needless to say, these benefit dental practices by ensuring they stay compliant with industry regulations and securing their reputation among their clients.

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