Outsourcing IT + Billing Services with Dental Experts is a Great Superpower Strategy

Outsourcing IT + Billing Services with Dental Experts is a Great Superpower Strategy

When IT and billing systems are maintained at peak performance on a consistent basis, they create a well-built infrastructure that powers every aspect of a dental practice and enables the highest quality patient care to be delivered. Outsourcing these “non-dental” aspects of the practice may be the next step in your growth and profitability strategies.

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First, Outsourcing IT

Keeping an eye on all aspects of your modern practice is no easy feat and outsourcing your IT services is not just a “set-it-and-forget-it” decision. Considering the real effects of downtime and ransomware, you need access to trained professionals that provide proactive monitoring, HIPAA compliance and higher security measures that require constant and consistent round-the-clock support to ensure everything runs smoothly.

If there’s an IT problem in a dental office, patient care and billing can come to a halt while waiting for help.

A one-off problem-solver (that IT guy, somewhere) isn’t the solution. The real fix for IT issues is seeing the big picture and having the experts in place to maintain the health of the whole network and the skill to proactively respond to problems and threats with an immediacy and success rate that can be counted on. This is where partnering with a dental IT managed service provider can help you remain focused on what matters most – your patients.

Second, Outsourcing Billing

That dental billing has become as complex as any dental procedure is an unfortunate fact of practice life. Without insurance verification, scheduling, accurate procedure codes, and fee schedule maintenance all working seamlessly, the financial health of a practice is a challenge to maintain.

Today’s dental billing requires whole-practice care from professionals as skilled at their job as any provider. This includes expertise in HIPAA compliancy and managing Protected Patient Information (PHI), and continuing education and training to enable staying current with industry changes in codes, billing, and payment cycles. A professional team of dental billing experts also prevents unnecessary stress on staff that leads to resignations and continuous retraining.

People are the Practice

Speaking of people, they’re still the most important part of any practice, whether it’s the dentists, the patients, the staff, or the support professionals who make it possible for so much to continue getting done.

And when it comes to IT, here’s something people don’t often think about — healthy IT not only allows associates to focus on patients instead of computer problems, it also enables their personal growth and makes them happy to be part of a practice. It’s how IT also contributes to a positive office culture.

This is equally true for billing. When insurance verification and fee schedule maintenance are working, patients aren’t getting surprise bills or asked to pay incorrect amounts. Consequently, more smiles.

At both Pact-One IT and Medusind Billing Solutions, we know this is true because the practices that have been with us the longest — 20 years or more — tell us it’s all because of the people — their extensive dental industry knowledge and all the amazing support they provide.

The Big Picture

As a dentist, you don’t just treat one issue, but provide overall care for your patient's oral health. You do all you can to explain to a patient why delayed treatment is only going to cause bigger problems.

Your IT and billing services need parallel care. Experts who consistently maintain all the systems that keep your office operating efficiently, your staff happy, and patients well cared for.

With Pact-One and Medusind Solutions, you get relief so you can provide the best care to your patients while Pact-One and Medusind deliver the highest quality services for your IT and dental billing needs.

Find out more about us at Pact-One Solutions and Medusind Solutions.

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