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Pact-One has been so helpful and patient during the start of our practice. We are so thankful for their clear, concise instructions and help throughout this process. They are a pleasure to work with.

San Marcos, CA

As a paperless law firm completely dependent upon our IT to allow us to practice, any significant down time impairs our ability to serve our clients. When our system recently crashed and our IT consultant was unable to diagnosis the cause, we reached out to Pact-One Solutions. Within a short time they successfully identified, and explained in easy to understand terms, the causes of the crash and provided cost-effective remedial recommendations to both solve our current issues and prevent similar future occurrences. When we needed IT support, Pact-One Solutions was our answer.

Attorney – The Roth Law Firm

Dan Edwards and his team have graciously donated their time and talent to the non-profit organization that I founded, TeamSmile, since it began nearly ten years ago. TeamSmile partners dental professionals and pro sports teams to provide free oral health care to underserved children around the US. Because our programs take place at stadiums and other like venues, there is a considerable amount of onsite setup required.

Dan’s technology solutions company, Pact-One, has provided the computer setup, year after year, for several programs a year. His dedication and follow-through can only be categorized as exceptional. Unlike how most would do it, Dan and his staff not only set up and tear down all of the technology needed for each program, but they also remain onsite throughout the entire program – all day – to ensure that everything is working properly, answer any questions that may arise and help the children.

In addition to being exceptionally dedicated, reliable and hard-working, Dan has a wonderful personality that makes working with him a pleasure.

TeamSmile – North Kansas, MO

It’s very comforting knowing I can always rely on you all at Pact-One when I am having one of those days when it seems like nothing is going right! My mind is at ease. I can leave work at work when my weekend starts!

Dr. Henry Rued-Willits, CA

Thank you for continuing to support CDA Cares. Your team is amazing and wonderful to work with.

Volunteer Programs & Community Outreach Manager – CDA Foundation
CDA Foundation

You all were very responsive and quick about getting the job done. I was especially impressed that Mike Mascaro responded to my email request during the weekend. The technicians who come to the office have been easy to work with and explain the technical details in a way that us less tech-savvy people understand. Thanks for helping us keep the office running!

Palo Alto, CA

Dr. Wu has built a different kind of orthodontic practice with a state-of-the art facility dedicated to providing non-invasive, non-extraction orthodontic treatment. His patient reviews are “off the charts” reporting excellence in treatment and care and he is very passionate giving back to “Smile for a Lifetime Midpeninsula”, a nonprofit providing no-cost braces to underserved children.

Dr. Wu is a relatively new Pact-One client, having started a mere 6 months ago. His previous IT Company struggled to keep up with the level of service and attention he needed to grow his infrastructure. He shares, “Pact-One has brought more improvements and efficiencies to the workflows in my office in the first 6 months alone than the last 6 years combined that I had with my previous IT company. Lots of small changes but when you add everything up it’s really helped improve my practice. They always figure out a solution to our problems”

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Orthodontics University of the Pacific, Wu Orthodontics
Palo Alto, CA

Dan illuminates in simple non tech language, the importance of "investing" in your practices cyber health, in this ever changing sophisticated world of cyber criminality. The threat is real, present, and looming for anyone not heading these warnings...It could only take one incident of not protecting a patients health history to tarnish, or lose the trust you developed in your doctor/patient relationship. This is a MUST read for both the IT and the Dental/Medical community!

OMS Solutions

I began working with Pact-One in 2012 and was impressed with their knowledge of IT, hardware, and dental software—so much so that, shortly thereafter, I entered into their Pact Pro Service Agreement. I derive great peace of mind from knowing that I can email or call with a technical problem and get a timely resolution.

In addition to problem resolution, I rely upon them to provide backup/instant recovery, all security, encrypted email, and secure login for emergencies. I strongly recommend Pact-One.

Castro Valley, California

Pact-One first started working with the practice in 2008 and took us from traditional film to being fully digital throughout the OP’s. At one point we switched over to a different company … and after the loss of some very valuable information we turned to Pact- One for help during the crisis and continued support. As of today, not only does Pact-One provide our network security and support they provide our hosted VoIP phone system which gives us a single point of contact for our technical needs. We learned the hard way how valuable it is to be with a reliable, knowledgeable team.

San Diego, California

Pact One has been an integral part of our dental team since 1990. My practice offers patients all dental needs in one location (11 Doctors, 50+ computers). Their IT expertise has enabled us to grow and operate smoothly and efficiently throughout the years and they immediately address any issues preventing expensive downtime.

As we have become increasingly dependent on IT, Pact One allows me to focus on my patients and staff, knowing that my data is protected, and all technical issues will be handled promptly and professionally. I would recommend Pact One without hesitation.

Lakewood Dental Arts
Lakewood, California

Our office is using Pact One as our IT support for all our software/computer/audio-visual needs. Most recently we moved into a new office and Pact One was there for us every step of the way. From breaking down equipment to moving equipment and then installing new equipment, alarms, phones, and even hanging TV’s, they were here onsite throughout our entire move. The courtesy and professionalism from all members of Pact Ones’ team is amazing. Our office went through a lot of changes and someone was available for immediate help every time we needed them. We appreciate all of them more than they know!

Henderson, Nevada

Pediatric Dental Care Associates has been with Pact One for over 10 years. I can honestly say the service we have received over the years is the best we could ask for. They always treat me like I am their only client because they are always ready to help me when I have an emergency, even when it is not a real emergency.

Executive Manager
Pediatric Dental Care Associates, Las Vegas, Nevada

In this era of modern dentistry, technology performance is of the utmost importance. I have been a very satisfied Pact-One customer for over 10 years. Whether it is managing, maintaining, or updating my technology and security I rely solely on Pact-One. Mike, our account manager, stops by the office on occasion to say hello and check up on us in person. Top notch service from administration to support and our field tech Shawn

Foster City, California

Our dental practice has used Pact One as its IT service for over 5 years. We have been very happy with their service. They helped us transition to a digital system and made the process fast and stress-free. I appreciate their knowledge of what it takes to run a dental practice and their oversight of our operation helps keep things running smooth and efficiently.

Riverside, California

Our previous IT guy had our office down for several weeks because he didn’t have the dental networking knowledge and tried to fix things by trial and error. On top of that the inferior backup solution he provided put my data recovery at risk. Thanks to Pact-One, they quickly stepped in and got me back to work! Things are working better now than they ever have before. I know with their backup solution, I’ll never have to worry about down time again. Great team that knows what they are doing and specialize in the Dental Field.

Dana Point, California

Future Smiles is a mobile school-based program that brings the dental office into the school setting. Through the expertise of Pact One, Future Smiles can effortlessly use Dentrix in a cloud platform to document program services in a secure manner. It is very seldom that any issues arise, but when they do, the Pact One staff swiftly find solutions that diminish any unexpected down time. Besides always being there for us the Pact One Team is always friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with! Thank you, Pact One!

Future Smiles Founder and Executive Director

Easy Prey clearly addresses to the healthcare professional just how vulnerable they really are in regards to the “cyberspace”. This easy-to read, yet very informative resource book tells it like it is and offers workable solutions.

Attorney at Law
The Roth Law Firm

Nice job Dan! It was easy to follow and I liked the actual case studies. You made the point that it is about data safety and protecting the patient and the business… it is not just about complying with government regulations. I found your list of things to do (don’t despair) in the second half of the chapter valuable. It provides a much needed source of information.

EOT Blog
NSA AZ President 2016-17

The book Easy Prey illustrates how small business like ours in the dental field are extremely vulnerable to electronic data issues. Large corporations can afford to employe their own full time IT data experts. In small business, the owner is left to fend for themselves. I personally know two dentists whose offices were damaged by fire and the other flooded by a leaking pipe. Another dentist I know lost 6 months of practice management data because of a hard drive failure and inadequate backups. Finally, one doctor I know lost his entire practice database due to the cryptovirus. Each one of these happened here in the Las Vegas Valley. If that's just what I heard about, then it's a widespread problem happening everywhere. Dental small business owners don't have to fend for themselves when they collaborate with a "Managed IT Service Provider" who can evaluate risks, make changes, monitor, and protect our data in the ever changing and complex digital world.

Board Certified Orthodontic Specialist

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