Dental Service Organizations and Multi-Location Practices

Nationwide IT Support and Services for DSOs and Group Practices

Dental IT Solutions Built for Growth

Entrepreneurial doctors often hit a wall of technological complexity after they acquire a few locations. If you fit this scenario and want to accelerate your growth without expensive mistakes and pressures, Pact-One will help you reach the next level by overcoming these challenges to fuel your expansion.

Stabilize. Centralize. Streamline. Grow.


IT Support and Services for
DSOs and Group Practices

Pact-One offers dental IT support and services for dental practices of all sizes.

Stay Innovative as Your Practice Grows

Pact-One combines hardware and software solutions to support growing dental offices as they acquire and optimize new locations. Below are some of the key features to ensure efficiency and profitably.

  • Centralized Solutions: IT centralization can simplify security and make your patient records and business data management easier and readily available thusly improving communication and collaboration.
  • Streamline Workflows: Whether it’s integrating platforms, consolidating information, or having a more efficient platform we can help and boost your bottom line.
  • Growth Strategy: Pact-One distinguishes itself from other dental IT companies through its emphasis on cooperative communication between you and our Client Success Managers, progressively guiding you with your budget strategy.

Stabilizing Your Dental Technology

Pact-One offers customizable IT solutions that meet the specific needs of your practice. This will ensure that you get the most value out of your dental IT investments.


Dental IT Expertise

To effectively manage multiple dental offices and handle the demands of a growing group practice, it's essential to have a team of dental IT experts who have a thorough understanding of managing multiple operations.


Scaling Options

Having the right technology in place is crucial for onboarding new locations and expanding your group practice, however, the process of building the necessary infrastructure can be both costly and complex.


Patient Experience

To guarantee a consistent and high-quality patient experience across all touch points, it is important to have top-notch security, reliability, and failover measures in place.

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