Best Dental IT Companies in the United States

Best Dental IT Companies in the United States

Finding the right dental IT company can be a lot of work. The reality is that there are many IT companies to choose from across the United States and they don’t all offer the same services (or work mainly with dental professionals). 

So, how do you find a reliable dental IT company without spending days sifting through your options? 

To help make your search for the best dental IT company a little bit easier, we listed dental IT support companies, or managed services providers (MSPs) and made sure to highlight their service offerings, pricing, and the areas they serve.  

Since we at Pact-One Solutions provide IT support and services to dental practices of all sizes (independent, group, DSO) and specialties (cosmetic, general, endodontics, oral & maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, prosthodontists, periodontics, pediatric dentistry, and dental laboratories), we will be sharing only IT companies that focus on dental. 

Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list of all dental IT companies in the United States, but it can help you get started and fill you in on some of your options. This list is in no particular order and is meant to provide useful information.

Dental IT Companies Throughout the United States

Small businesses (including dental practices) typically choose between break-fix and managed services if they want IT support for their business. But with niche managed IT service providers quickly growing in popularity across the United States, more dental professionals are making informed decisions to enlist the help of a dental IT company to support their business technology needs.

We have a lot of educational content about managed services for dental practices (you can start with the basics here, learn about break fix vs. managed services here, and explore the benefits of unlimited IT support for dental practices here). So, in this article, we'll stick with a quick list of pros and cons to fill you in on the main benefits and drawbacks of partnering with a managed service provider for dental IT services before diving into some companies. 


  • Cost savings (compared to unpredictable break-fix model or hiring in-house IT) 
  • Reduce risk and compliance violations 
  • Technology expertise 
  • Proactive monitoring and management 
  • Continuous IT support 
  • Improved security 
  • Data backup and disaster recovery solutions 


  • Some restrictions (product offerings may be limited based on company) 
  • Higher initial cost (onboarding and/or possible project to bring technology up to date) 
  • Extended contract for services (service agreement)

Nova Computer Solutions

Nova Computer Solutions is an MSP based in Woodbridge, VA and has served the dental industry since 2000. Their dental IT services include cybersecurity, cloud, data backup, data security, software support, HIPAA compliance, and wireless networks. 

Areas Served: Northern Virgina, Metro Washington DC, and Maryland
Pricing: Varies based on plan options.

DPC Technology

DPC Technology is an MSP located in Jacksonville, FL. Since their start in 1995, DPC has been delivering innovative IT support, services, and products to dental practices in the Southeast United States region. 

Areas Served: Southeastern United States with offices in Florida and South Carolina
Pricing: Contracts start at $600 per month and vary based on office size and level of support needed.

Medix Dental

Medix Dental is an MSP based in Iowa that has worked exclusively in dental IT for over 20 years. They excel in delivering great customer service, technology integration, and comprehensive IT support. Medix specializes in servicing Dental Service Organization (DSO) models, as well as independent and group practices. 

Areas Served: Based in Iowa with team members providing support nationally.
Pricing: Specific pricing details for Medix Dental services are not available, but you can request a consultation.


SurfCT has positioned itself as a premium choice within the MSP community. They are located in Connecticut and provide IT services to dental, plastic surgery, MedSpa, and ophthalmology/optometry businesses. With their Everything is Connected®, SurfCT focuses on designing seamless integrations supplemented by IT consulting, training, brand growth strategies, data protection, and technical service. 

Areas Served: Based in New York City and focuses on the Greater New York market
Pricing: Specific pricing details for SurfCT services are not available.

Dental IT Solutions

Dental IT Solutions, an MSP located in Massachusetts, has been serving New England area dental practices since 2001. Their comprehensive IT solutions include technology management and maintenance, data backup tools, email protection, cybersecurity, and Microsoft 365. 

Areas Served: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont
Pricing: Pricing is not readily accessible for Dental IT Solutions, but you can schedule a consultation.

Digital Dental Solutions

Digital Dental Solutions is a full-service MSP focused on supporting dental practices. They are comprised of 8+ staff members and are located near Sacramento (Orangevale, CA). Their offerings include one service package (Premier Managed Service), office build-out services, and compliance auditing/training. 

Areas Served: Northern California
Pricing: Varies depending on the number of workstations and servers.

Zenith Dental IT

Zenith Dental IT is a nationwide MSP with a focus on providing exceptional technical support services and unmatched customer service. They have been serving clients in the dental industry for over 15 years. 

Areas Served: Serving all 50 states with key locations in Delaware, Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri, Florida, and Texas.
Pricing: Pricing is not readily available for Zenith Dental IT.

Legend Networking

Legend Networking is an MSP based in Dallas. They have been in business for 17+ years and have branched out to not only include dental offices, but veterinary, optometry, and medical offices as well. Legend Networking’s IT services include buildouts, computer support, data backup and recovery, email and phone solutions, and managed security. 

Areas Served: Based in Dallas, but provides service throughout Texas, California, and Washington
Pricing: Available upon requesting more information from Legend Networking.

Darkhorse Tech

Darkhorse Tech, an MSP, has been serving the dental industry since 2012. They specialize in startup solutions for dental practices but provide IT support for independent practices and integrations for DSO models. 

Areas Served: Key offices in Texas, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.
Pricing: Starts at $699 per month and varies based on office size and the level of support needed.

We know some business decisions are less about personal preference and more about geography. In other words, there's a good chance you'll end up choosing your dental IT support company based on what's available near your dental office location. We created a map of the United States to help you visualize where dental IT companies operate based on the above listed managed service provides:

Infographic with a map of the United States with location icons to display various dental IT companies (Pact-One Solutions, Nova Computer Solutions, DPC Technology, Medix Dental, SurfCT, Dental IT Solutions, Digital Dental Solutions, Zenith Dental IT, Legend Networking, Darkhorse Tech) throughout the U.S. Key included.

Although our corporate office is in Las Vegas, Nevada, we have team members throughout the nation and provide IT support for dental offices across the United States. Click here to find out more about where we provide dental IT support, or contact us to request your complimentary consultation, ask questions, and learn more about dental IT support near you.  

We hope this has helped you begin your journey in enlisting dedicated dental IT support for your practice. Keep those patients smiling!

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