Network Security

Take advantage of multiple layers of security
for failproof defense

Reactive security

Multi-layered security ensures each single component has a backup in
case of a flaw
or failure.


Attackers have multiple hurdles to overcome if they want to successfully break through or bypass the entire system. A weakness or flaw in one layer can be protected by strength or capabilities through other layers.

Having multiple-layered security ensures your data is safe in storage and during transmission. By working together, these layers of security offer a better chance of stopping intruders from breaching company networks than using a single solution.

Pact-One Solutions network security layers include:

  • Web protection
  • Patch management
  • Email Security (archiving, encryption, hosting)
  • Vulnerability assessment and analytics
  • Antivirus and antispam software
  • Data encryption
  • Firewalls
  • Digital certificates
  • Privacy controls
  • Secure File Sharing

Proactive security is designed to stop threats before they start.

Detective security is designed to catch emerging threats as they pop up.

Reactive security is designed to recover systems and data quickly if a threat manages to circumvent other security measures.

Concern Solution Benefit
Multi-Layered security is costly and hard to justify. The cost to adopt a layered security is far less expensive than the cost to recover from a data breach. You’ve done everything you can to maintain your patients’ trust by ensuring a hacker will never have access to their private information.
Employees visit internet sites that are not work-related and could be potentially harmful. We create blacklists that prevent employees from accessing such sites. These reduce the chances of introducing malware or viruses to the network while boosting employee productivity at the same time.
Firewall and antivirus programs may not be enough to protect practices from being the next data breach news headline. A cloud-based security solution is put in place with controls to safeguard any weaknesses in the network and reduce the effects of a cyberattack. This will ensure best-in-class governance and networking practices that respond to your business always being linked to hundreds of connections in the internet.
How quickly data can be recovered after it is deleted or after I have a hardware failure. Backup and recovery plans bring systems and data back online in minutes with 24/7 security monitoring. You have 24/7 access to your PHI even in the event of a disaster, making you more HIPAA-compliant and in touch with patients.

If you are worried or unsure where to start with your own internal security audit,
let the Pact-One Solutions team help get you on track!

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