Widely Used Phishing Subject Lines

Widely Used Phishing Subject Lines

No other cyberthreat is as common and costly as a phishing attack. But despite all the warnings about phishing scams and emails, why are so many people still being fooled into opening phishing emails and clicking on compromised links? This is because cybercriminals are becoming more creative and are always looking for ways to trick even trained individuals into opening malicious emails.

What is phishing?

Phishing is a cyberattack where hackers use email as a weapon. Cybercriminals will do their best to make emails look legitimate to fool the recipient into opening them. A phishing email contains a link that will take the recipient to a fake site that will ask for his or her personal and financial information. It could contain attachments that will download malware into a recipient's computer when clicked. Such emails often come with intriguing subject lines that entice users to open them. Here are some of the most widely used phishing subject lines.

Most clicked social media subject lines in Q1 2020


  • Someone sent you a direct message


  • Your primary email has changed
  • Someone mentioned you
  • You were tagged in a photo


  • Please add me to your network
  • Your password has been reset
  • You appeared in new searches

Most clicked email subjects in Q1 2020

  • You have been added to Microsoft Teams
  • Changes in your PTO policies
  • Password check required
  • Scheduled server maintenance
  • CDC health alert: coronavirus outbreak
  • Testing your company's emergency notification system
  • Deactivation of your email in progress
  • Revised vacation and sick leave policy
  • Important message from human resources
  • Someone sent you a Valentine's ecard

Most clicked email subjects in Q2 2020

  • Vacation leave policy update
  • Password check needed now
  • Business reopening schedule
  • COVID-19 stimulus pack
  • Coronavirus vaccine available
  • List of rescheduled meetings because of coronavirus
  • Breaking news: COVID-19 now airborne
  • Confidential data on coronavirus
  • FedEx tracking
  • Your meeting will start soon

Why are phishing scams successful?

According to Osterman Research, phishing attacks are successful because of these factors.


1. Your staff lacks the appropriate security knowledge

Most users lack the training to identify phishing scams and often fall prey by downloading malicious attachments or visiting compromised websites.

2. Dental office are not addressing the problem properly

Further complicating the problem are businesses that are not addressing phishing attacks properly. Many dental clinics lack cybersecurity measures like email filtering, firewalls, and backup and recovery policies to handle a phishing attack.

3. Hackers have easy access to low-cost phishing tools

Phishing tools are widely available to help amateurs with little IT knowledge become ransomware authors and phishers. Nowadays, one doesn't have to be a skilled hacker to create a phishing site, almost anyone can do it using a phishing kit.

4. Hackers are shifting their focus

Because the dark web is saturated with so much stolen information, the price of stolen data is dropping. Hackers aren't getting as much as they used to for stolen data, and so have turned to phishing campaigns to trick people into transferring large amounts of money into their own accounts.

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