Change Healthcare Cyberattack Affects Dental Practice eServices

In a world that increasingly relies on digital systems for record-keeping, the recent cyberattack on Change Healthcare has sent shockwaves through the healthcare industry, with ripple effects extending to the dental sector. Traditionally viewed as low-risk targets, dental practices have often lagged in the race for cybersecurity.

Delta Dental of California Data Breach: What it Means for the Dental Industry

Data breaches have become an unfortunate reality. And, the healthcare industry has been a prime target for cybercriminals due to the sensitive nature of patient data. In June 2023, Delta Dental of California discovered a data breach that affected approximately 7 million patients.

Protecting Your Digital Fortress with 7 Layers of Cybersecurity for Your Business

Welcome to the maze of network security, where the threats are as shifty as a chameleon in a bag of Skittles! In the constantly evolving world of technology, one can never be too careful or prepared.  

With rising cybersecurity threats, protecting your business network is similar to dressing it up in a suit of armor; only this armor has seven layers.

Essential Topics to Include in Your Employee Cybersecurity Training

In our digital world, cybersecurity must be a top priority for businesses, no matter how big or small they may be. Cybersecurity breaches can cause substantial losses for your business – customer trust, hefty financial losses, and even legal repercussions.

How Social Media Can Be a Potential Danger to Your Business

Could your business be inadvertently stepping into the hidden trap of social media? Have you evaluated the possible digital security hazards linked with your utilization of social media platforms? Social media has transformed from a simple communication tool to a potential gateway for cyber threats.

Aspen Dental Cyber Attack: 1,000 Dental Practices Affected Nationwide

Recently, Aspen Dental, one of the largest dental service organizations in the United States, was hit with a major cyber-attack that affected 1,000 of their practices nationwide. This has left patients stranded and raised questions about network security and HIPAA compliance.

10 Cybersecurity Stats Your Dental Practice Should Know

The digital age has made it easier than ever to keep track of patient records, manage appointments, and communicate with clients. However, this increased reliance on technology also means that the threat of a cyber-attack is more real than ever before.  

From ransomware attacks to data breaches, dental practices need to be aware of the potential dangers lurking in cyberspace so they can take steps to protect their sensitive information and stay compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Deceptive Search Results: Cybersecurity Risk for Dental Practices

In recent years, ransomware attacks have become one of the most significant cybersecurity threats targeting organizations of all sizes, including dental practices. Hackers have developed new and sophisticated methods to exploit vulnerabilities in company networks, leaving dental practices exposed to significant financial losses.

Defending Your Dental Practice Against Phishing Scams

With the growth of emerging technologies, such as AI, cybercrime is becoming increasingly sophisticated. These tools are helping hackers become even more undetectable when conducting malicious phishing scams - like email spoofing. As a dental professional, it is of utmost importance for you to understand the basics of recognizing and avoiding these pitfalls - the last thing you would want is for today's patients to be affected by yesterday's mistakes.

Creating Masterful Passwords to Protect Your Data

As a dental professional, you understand the importance of protecting your patients' sensitive, confidential information. But what about your own practice's confidential information? Whether it is patient records or financial data, keeping your practice's information secure is essential to maintaining a successful business.

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