How to Successfully Implement New Diagnostic Technology in Your Dental Practice

How to Successfully Implement New Diagnostic Technology in Your Dental Practice

Dental diagnostics have advanced over the past years, with new technology improving the way dentists and their staff diagnose and treat patients. However, many dental clinics are still figuring out how to implement new diagnostic technologies to see a positive impact on their staff, patients, and bottom line. If you’re considering introducing new technology into your clinic, here are factors you need to focus on.

When to Implement New Technology

To determine whether your clinic is ready to use new software or equipment, evaluate your practice's current strengths and weaknesses, as well as your goals for the future. Where do you see your clinic five years from now? Knowing your future prospects can help you formulate a clear and strategic plan for purchasing and implementing new diagnostic technologies for your dental practice.

While introducing a new piece of hardware or software into your practice can be beneficial, its implementation must be well planned. Instead of implementing new technologies at once, it's better to do it in stages. Doing so provides enough time for your staff to learn about the new equipment, and eases the financial impact on your clinic, as it avoids unforeseen glitches that could hamper operations.

What is Your Purchasing Criteria

Before bringing in new technology to your dental practice, set up purchasing criteria focused on your clinic's existing and long-term goals. Purchasing criteria for a new product include support and training, longevity, and overall performance.

Vendor support is the most important criteria, as it entails having access to specialists who can resolve problems you may encounter with new dental software or equipment. This should not be limited to the manufacturer's support team, but it should also include support from doctors already using the products you plan to purchase.

Training and education is another aspect of vendor support that will help you and your employees maximize the value of new technologies. This, in turn, will improve the quality of service you offer your patients. If you have partners, take the time to talk with them so you can all agree on what criteria to use when choosing and purchasing new dental diagnostic technology.


To get the most out of your new system, create a strategic plan for integrating it into your practice. The plan should outline clear procedures on daily usage and a strategy to effectively communicate its value to your patients. For example, providing your staff with the necessary training and resources will help them understand how to use new software and equipment. This will also allow them to explain the benefits of the new technology to your patients.

Benefits of Implementing New Dental Diagnostic Technology

Introducing new diagnostic technology into your clinic improves workflow and increases efficiency. Here's an example: 2D imaging equipment such as x-rays cannot detect some dental problems due to limitations such as distortion, magnification, and superimposition. This often leads to misinterpretation of structures and patients not getting the exact treatment they need.


But today, 3D imaging enables dentists to take highly detailed mouth scans. In turn, this allows them to make more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans tailored to each patient's needs.

Bringing in new diagnostic technology also gives your staff an opportunity to learn new skills. Working with a highly skilled team allows your clinic to provide a better and more pleasant experience to your patients, opening up additional streams of revenue.

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