What’s Is A Cybersecurity Audit?

What’s Is A Cybersecurity Audit?

In a digitally evolving world, it’s imperative that you have a cybersecurity plan in place. No matter what size your dental practice is, or what industry you serve, digital security is a must. Having a regularly scheduled cybersecurity audit and assessment for your practice is important. 

What Is A Cybersecurity Audit? 

Cybersecurity audits are very similar to any other audit you may have to take part in. Like getting a good financial audit, a cybersecurity audit should be performed by a third party. 

Included in a cybersecurity audit will be a thorough review of your digital security policies to make sure those items are being acted upon. An audit can often act as a checklist with important tips that every practice should be doing to protect their data and keep people safe. 

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What Is A Cybersecurity Assessment? 

In comparison to an audit, a cybersecurity assessment will check the features and capabilities of your policies and overall cybersecurity infrastructure. An internal group or third party will a series of tests to make sure the checklist item works effectively and protects your practice against digital threats. These tests sometimes include penetration testing on a network, social engineering tests, phishing scam scenarios, and white-hat hacking, 

A cybersecurity assessment is a good place to start if you don’t already have digital security policies in place for your practice. Getting an assessment done can educate you on where you practice vulnerabilities are and what steps to take next to prevent a cyber attack. 

Make Cybersecurity a Priority

Cyber attacks against dental practices of all sizes happen all the time. Don’t delay in setting up digital security for your practice. If need assistance gettings started, look no further than the Dental IT Experts at Pact-One Solutions. Pact-One offers cybersecurity services tailored to the needs of your practice. Our digital security experts can walk you through what policies, techniques, and technology to keep your practice protected and help you develop them as your practice grows. 

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