A CEO’s Reflection from CDA Anaheim

A CEO’s Reflection from CDA Anaheim

Last week, Pact-One had the privilege to attend the CDA's The Art and Science of Dentistry in Anaheim, CA. This was the first in-person event in Southern California since the start of the pandemic. It was amazing to see so many businesses looking to impact the dental industry, both in southern California and across the nation.  

Where to even begin? I acknowledge there will be some people reading this that also attended the show as well and probably had the same or at least similar experiences. I’ll spare you my attempt by providing you a play-by-play of each day and instead share my top three takeaways from the event as a whole.

Takeaway 1: Dental practices are relying on technology like never before

The role technology is playing in the dental industry is critical, impacting everything from operational efficiency to patient acquisition. Aside from the obvious benefits like collaboration across offices and overall improved patient care, technology also affords practices with increased options for data storage and security options. If a practice’s physical office is lost due to a fire, thanks to solutions like backup & disaster recovery and cloud-based storage, employees can use virtually any computer to access their files remotely. Dental practices really can’t afford not to have tech play some role in their day-to-day lives.

Like other industries, dental offices are finding themselves competing for top talent. A lot of dentists we spoke with mentioned that they felt their operational efficiency could be improved. More and more practices are increasingly viewing IT maturity as an important component in overall employee satisfaction.   

Takeaway 2: Cybersecurity is top of mind for everyone

Just about everyone that came by our booth mentioned they attended or were attending one of the sessions on cybersecurity. With cyber attacks on the rise, practices are also seeing their cyber insurance premiums grow exponentially

Gone are the days were "protected" meant that you just needed anti-virus software installed. Cybercriminals have gotten smarter and more efficient about where and who they target. A multilayered approach and ongoing, proactive monitoring have increasingly become the industry norm as it relates to keeping practices and their patient data safe.

Takeaway 3: Yet despite the dental industry's reliance on technology, solid IT support is rarely a part of their business plans

The word "IT" is often seen as a buzzword. What it means and what exactly it pertains to can often cast a huge net. That became very apparent to me when talking to people that came by our booth. The second the word “IT” came out of my mouth it was typically followed by “what does that mean?”

For the dental industry, the role of IT is changing. Practices can no longer afford simply to “know a guy.” HIPAA requirements are far more stringent as it relates to how you store, hold and dispose of customer data. This includes your individual employees and their devices. Scalability is another crucial factor – how do you prepare for growing your practice while ensuring your day-to-day operations stay as efficient as possible? A comprehensive IT program is at the root of all of these things.

Pact-One is proud to be a part of the dental community. We’ve helped hundreds of practices grow and scale their operations by making IT, worry-free. If we missed seeing you at the CA but you have questions or want to talk to our team about IT support for your practice, talk to one of our Client Success Representatives today.  

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