Dental IT Support: Remote Support vs. Onsite Support

If you’re considering IT services for your dental practice, you may run into the dental IT support dilemma of remote support versus onsite support. This detailed comparison will help you make an informed decision based on five key factors: response time, cost, effectiveness, security, and customer experience.

What are the Best IT Services for Your Dental Practice?

Running a successful dental practice involves more than excellent patient care. It takes everything working harmoniously in the background. And, a big part of the harmony is the technology your staff and patients rely on for the best performance and care.

How to Get Affordable IT Services for Your Dental Practice

For dental practices, ensuring the efficiency, security, and compliance of IT operations is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Despite the significance of IT, many offices grapple with the high costs and complexities associated with these services. This guide is designed for dental practitioners looking to harness the power of IT without draining their resources.

5 Things to Know Before Receiving a Quote for Dental IT Services

If you're in charge of managing IT for a dental practice, or the owner weighing IT options for your office, the stakes are high: finding the right dental IT company can mean the difference between a streamlined workflow and a constant battle with technical setbacks.

Dental IT Support: Pros and Cons, Cost and Options

With the continual rise of ransomware attacks (every 2 seconds by 2031 - reported by Cybercrime Magazine) and natural disasters (28 separate disasters costing at least $1 billion each in 2023 – reported by, reliable and secure IT support is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Looking for Dental IT Services in California? 5 Things You Should Know

Navigating the world of Information Technology (IT) services for your dental practice in California can be as intricate as the procedures you perform on your patients. From the ever-changing regulations surrounding patient data to the constant technological advancements, your choice in IT support can significantly impact your practice's efficiency, security, and overall success.

Keeping Your Phoenix Dental Practice Network Secure with Pact-One Solutions

As a dental professional in the heart of Phoenix, AZ, you may be confronted with a significant challenge that goes beyond the health of your patients' teeth - securing your network infrastructure. As threats to data security grow increasingly complex, ensuring a secure network becomes paramount, not just for legal compliance but also for patient trust.

How to Simplify and Unify Your Multi-Location Dental Practice IT Ecosystem

Managing a multi-location dental practice is like performing a complex juggling act while playing a game of chess. It requires a delicate balance of strategy and coordination, especially when it comes to unifying your IT ecosystem.  

Information Technology serves as the backbone of any modern dental practice, ensuring seamless operations, exceptional patient experiences, and compliance.

Technology Support for Phoenix Dental Practices

Technology has become an essential part of our lives. Dental practices, like any other business, have to rely on technology to work efficiently, provide quality care, and keep their patient data safe. But a dental office has unique technology needs. To run an efficient dental practice, you need equipment and systems that work for your specific needs.

Real Costs of IT for Your Dental Practice: In-House IT vs. Outsourced IT

IT is one of the most crucial aspects of running a dental practice. However, not all dental professionals are tech-savvy or have the budget to maintain in-house IT. This is where outsourcing IT support and services comes into play. While outsourced IT services may seem more expensive, have you ever considered the hidden costs of having an in-house IT department?  

In this blog, we'll dive into the real cost of IT for your dental practice and compare the expenses of in-house IT vs.

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