Combating Dental Staffing Shortages with Dedicated Dental IT Support

Combating Dental Staffing Shortages with Dedicated Dental IT Support

The dental industry is currently tackling an unprecedented challenge - severe staffing shortages. In fact, over the next five- to eight-years dental practices will compete to hire a smaller pool of available team members. This crisis is not only hindering the provision of essential dental services but also placing an enormous burden on existing personnel. With a dwindling workforce, the remaining staff are compelled to juggle multiple roles, stretching their abilities and patience thin. This scenario is not just detrimental to the staff's well-being but also threatens the overall quality of patient care. The need for a solution is urgent. 

In this blog article, we’ll dive into the impacts of staffing shortages and one solution that could help mitigate the shortfalls.

The Impact of Staffing Shortages on Dental Practices

The impact of staff shortages on dental practices is profound, affecting every facet of operations – from patient care to workload management and overall service quality. For a start, existing staff members are often forced to assume responsibilities outside their primary roles. This expanded workload can lead to fatigue and increased stress levels, potentially compromising the ability to help patients.

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Patient Care and Service Quality are Jeopardized

Overall patient care and service quality are likely to falter amidst staff shortages. Without a full roster of staff, practices may struggle to maintain a high level of service, potentially impacting their reputation and patient retention rates. Waiting times for appointments can increase, leading to frustrated patients and potentially jeopardize patient care.

A study revealed that “overall quality of service provided” is a top factor when patients choose a dental practice. Staff shortages, therefore, can undermine a practice's ability to meet these expectations and provide quality patient experience and care.

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Workload Management Causes Burnout

The American Dental Association has indicated one of the top reasons dental hygienists voluntarily leave a position is due to being overworked. Consider the case of a dental hygienist who is now tasked with not just cleaning patients' teeth, but also managing schedules, handling patient queries, and even dealing with IT issues. This increased workload and the constant shifting between tasks can lead to mistakes and cause burnout.


Embracing dedicated dental IT support can help mitigate these challenges, enabling practices to maintain their service quality even in the face of staffing shortages. By providing reliable network management and monitoring, a dental IT partner can alleviate the burden on existing staff, allowing them to focus more on patient care and less on non-clinical tasks.

Dedicated Dental IT Support Helps Mitigate Staffing Shortfalls

Dental IT support entails a range of comprehensive services designed to streamline the operations of a dental practice. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Network management and monitoring 
  • Data backup and disaster recovery 
  • Network security 
  • Hardware support and software integration 
  • Telecommunication services, such as VoIP 

With a dedicated dental IT partner, such as a managed service provider, dental practices can ensure their IT infrastructure is robust, secure, and efficient. This eliminates the need for existing staff to divert their attention from patient care to deal with IT issues, thus relieving the pressure on overworked employees.  

Proper IT support also ensures that practices can keep pace with the latest technologies, improving their service delivery and patient experience. By taking care of these complex, technical aspects of the practice, a dental IT support partner can help dental practices navigate the challenges of staffing shortages, while maintaining their service quality and efficiency.

Benefits of a Dedicated Dental IT Support and Service Partner

Outsourcing IT tasks to a specialized dental IT partner can significantly lighten the workload of existing staff. A dedicated IT team ensures that all tech-related issues, be it network management, data security, or software updates, are promptly addressed through unlimited IT support. This frees up dental staff to invest their time and energy into what they do best - patient care. This not only optimizes the workflow but also improves the overall patient experience, as dental staff can focus solely on providing top-tier dental services without having to juggle additional IT responsibilities. 

In addition to reducing the burden on staff, a dedicated dental IT partner can drive efficiency and cost savings. IT professionals have the specialized skills and knowledge to manage and monitor the technological aspects of dental practice more effectively and efficiently, which is often beyond the scope of dental staff. They ensure systems run smoothly, minimizing downtime and the associated loss of productivity. Furthermore, routine maintenance and timely upgrades performed by these experts can prevent costly breakdowns and data loss, thus saving the practice from potential financial setbacks.  

Therefore, having a dental IT partner is a strategic move that not only addresses the current staffing shortage but also sets a dental practice up for success in the long run by ensuring smooth operations, cost savings, and superior patient care.

A Multi-Location Oral Surgery Practice Benefits from Dental IT Support

In a busy dental practice, the last thing you need to worry about is IT issues, updating your software, or installing new computers. With the help of Pact-One's dental IT support, a busy multi-location oral surgery practice in Southern California has removed the burden of IT allowing their staff to focus solely on providing quality patient care. 

Our practice was growing and requiring more support. We needed a highly professional team to partner with us as we grew. We also needed remote and on-site services with rapid response times. We needed a large team to offer IT solutions in order to match our growth and the ever-changing environment of technology. Pact-One has delivered in all needs and has made IT an joy to address. Their services and products are top notch and their customer support and service is second to none...” - Tim Betita, DDS, MD | Multi-Location Oral Surgery Practice in Southern California


Considering the present staffing challenges, dental professionals and practice owners must innovate and adapt to maintain smooth operations. Implementing dedicated dental IT support is a viable and strategic solution that not only responds to current staffing needs but also lays a strong foundation for future success. Dental IT partners, with their specialized knowledge and capabilities, can manage and monitor your network, relieving your team from additional responsibilities and allowing them to focus on patient care.


The right technology partnership can be a game-changer for your dental practice. Ready to explore how dental IT support can be an integral part of your practice's strategy – setting the stage for improved efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced patient experiences? We’re here to help! Connect with us today to see how we can help remove the burden of IT and give your staff the dental IT support they need.

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