6 Benefits of Network Monitoring Services for Dental Practices

6 Benefits of Network Monitoring Services for Dental Practices

Productivity and data security are typically among the top priorities of any dental practice. You'll want to handle patients' private medical information properly not only to ensure excellent service, but also to win your patients' trust and loyalty. Achieving this requires investment in proper IT resources, one of which is network monitoring — a service that boosts both system efficiency and ensures reliable patient care.

We explore the top benefits of investing in network monitoring below, and how our experts at Pact-One Solutions can help.

Troubleshoot Issues Faster

A reliable monitoring service provides you full visibility over your network performance and activity. This gives you oversight of every portion of traffic travelling through your network, along with every connected device, enabling you to detect and root out the source of networking issues. Additionally, the best network monitoring services allow you to stay on top of performance issues around the clock.

Benchmark Network Performance

Network monitoring services provide and examine common performance metrics over time, helping you maintain system efficiency. By offering you a live feed of network performance data, such services keep you one step ahead of potential outages or security threats.

Most services also allow you to observe bandwidth utilization. With this feature, you can ensure your network uses as much bandwidth as possible without sacrificing service efficiency. Reliable network monitoring service will typically generate detailed reports for your practice to review on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

Allocate Resources More Effectively

If your IT team is already overwhelmed with other tasks, network monitoring reduces the need for manually assessing and analyzing network performance. Your IT professionals are no longer required to shift from one critical task to another in case of unexpected outages or network disasters. Instead, network monitoring tools shoulder the burden of anticipating, examining, and rectifying network-based issues, freeing up resources for other IT- or practice-related activities. Some services may even automatically fix identified problems as they come, helping your practice save more time.

Identify Security Threats

A major benefit of deploying network monitoring services is the ability to stay on top of potential security threats or issues. With cybercrime skyrocketing since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it pays to stay as vigilant as ever, especially in a sector where protecting confidential information is paramount.

Network monitoring tools offer continuous security through their ability to detect, trace, and mitigate threats as they emerge, allowing your IT professionals to deal with them before they escalate. The best services also offer automatic updates for security patches and ensure standardized security settings are maintained across all workloads.

Minimize Downtime

Since network monitoring services help you detect security or performance problems that can lead to downtime, you’ll be able to proactively address these issues before they lead to downtime. That means your practice as a whole can continue to function smoothly without having to worry about appointment booking systems and communication platforms suddenly going down.

Justify Equipment Upgrades

Finally, network monitoring offers immediate ROI on new technologies or services deployed. Network monitoring lets you observe new equipment or software performance over time, so you can determine if they delivered the expected results. Most services also provide trend analysis to give you valuable insights on whether your current technology can be scaled to further meet current practice needs. By offering a clear overview of current network capabilities and ROI on new services, your IT team will be better able to justify equipment upgrades and tech investments.

Invest in quality network monitoring today!

Ensure efficient and reliable patient care with the right IT support. With over 20 years of experience in servicing practices across the Western United States, Pact-One Solutions has the network management, support, and security services you need to maintain a successful dental practice. Give your business the tech boost it needs — inquire with our dental IT experts today.

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