5 Reasons you Need a Dental MSP for Your Dental Practice

5 Reasons you Need a Dental MSP for Your Dental Practice

As a dentist, you'll do everything you can to ensure your practice succeeds. A brilliant way to guarantee this happens is to have experts on your side. Managed services providers (MSPs) have the most knowledgeable IT people on their team. When you entrust your IT system to an MSP, your dental practice benefits in the following ways:

#1. A first-class IT system

Your practice has much to gain from an exceptional IT system. It can help you store and crunch data, which you can use to optimize your operations, improve your services, and delight your patients. With IT experts on your side, you can keep your system fully functional at all times. These experts can also help you take full advantage of the wide array of enterprise tools and applications available on the market.

But hiring a dedicated team of highly trained technicians could be too pricey if you’re running a small practice. Partnership with an MSP gives you all the benefits — and more — of having a dedicated IT team without the exorbitant upfront investment. The result is an IT system run, monitored, and maintained by experienced specialists, optimized to suit the needs of your clinic, and primed for growth.

#2. Compliance with regulations

Regulated industries, such as finance, education, and energy, follow government-mandated policies regarding the way they use, store, and secure information. Being in the healthcare industry, your dental practice needs to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

An MSP helps keep your business HIPAA-compliant by keeping your IT system up to date with the latest data security requirements and standards. Most MSPs specialize in particular industries and, thus, you need to partner with one with a great track record in handling healthcare providers’ IT system.

#3. Augmented security

Cybersecurity threats have changed so much in the last few decades, but protective technologies and best practices have evolved just as fast to match them. MSPs monitor your IT system, but unlike an in-house IT department, they can do this 24/7.

An MSP’s responsibilities include keeping your IT system patched and updated, ensuring that it is protected against the latest cybersecurity threats. Your MSP can also help you come up with cybersecurity protocols and best practices for you and your staff, so that you all know what to do to keep your data secure.

#4. Substantial savings

In putting up an in-house IT team, you’ll need to allocate money not just for recruitment and salary, but also for hardware. When you consider the cost of software, hardware upgrades and repairs, and further employee training, you’re looking at huge expenses that your growing practice may not be able to afford.

All of the services of an MSP are yours for a fixed monthly fee. These include maintenance, repairs, monitoring, and updates. If you don’t have computers, you may even inquire about their Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) solution, wherein your MSP leases hardware to your business for an additional fee.

#5. Increased focus on your strengths

With experts monitoring and optimizing your IT system and keeping cybersecurity threats out, you’ll have the time and energy to focus on growing your practice. Improve your dental services, study your staff’s performance, or learn more about your patients’ needs. After all, you started your practice not so you’d worry about something like IT.

Without the assistance of experts, you can easily be distracted from your goals by IT-related issues. We can help you stay focused on your practice while keeping your IT system optimized for your needs. Contact us today to learn how!

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