3 Challenges Faced by Dental Practices that are Solved by IT

3 Challenges Faced by Dental Practices that are Solved by IT

IT solutions and their wide array of tools and applications that now populate the market promise new and effective ways around three of the top challenges faced by today’s dental practices. As an owner of a dental practice, you may be struggling with these issues yourself.

#1 Patient Acquisition

Considering how increasingly competitive the market has become, dental practices have a harder time than ever attracting new patients. Some clinics resort to using advertisements, incentives, and other traditional marketing tactics, but this approach is often too costly for small clinics and impractical in the long term.

If you want to attract patients, you need to get their trust. A survey revealed that patients nowadays are more demanding of information and have a higher level of trust for physicians who use more technology in their practice. But having the right gadgets isn’t enough — for 84% of respondents, it’s not about what you have but how you use the technology that truly matters.

Investing in cloud technology will make your practice more reliable. The cloud is a secure location where you can store your patients’ records. There are various cloud-based data-crunching tools that allow you to use information more effectively and accurately to keep track of your patients’ condition and progress and meet their needs.

#2 Increasing Revenue

For some practices, more patients can actually lead to more problems. With more patients, you won’t have as much time as before to focus on each one. The increased workload can leave you and your staff burned out and unable to provide the same quality of service as before. In the end, you could end up losing patients and revenue.

Something as seemingly simple as network support can have massive benefits for your practice. This service ensures that your IT system is at its most efficient at all times. You don’t need to worry about malfunctioning hardware and downtime — you can focus on providing excellent service to each patient and building their trust in your practice.

#3 Obtaining Competitive Equipment

Dentistry equipment and supplies don’t come cheap. Because of this, the upfront cost of investing in high-quality IT equipment may prove too much for many small dental practices. Without an IT system to keep their practice competitive, they are at the risk of getting left behind or, worse, unable to provide the best service to their patients.

One ingenious solution to this problem is Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS), an arrangement wherein a managed services provider (MSP) leases computers and other equipment to clients for an affordable, fixed monthly fee. With this service, even a small clinic can have its own IT system and enjoy its many perks.

Solving Challenges Through Managed IT

Enterprise tools and solutions are designed to be user-friendly — but you might need your own IT department to make the most out of them. If hiring a dedicated team is out of the question, you can instead partner with an MSP and enjoy the same benefits for a lower, fixed cost.

Aside from offering HaaS, an MSP provides 24/7 support that’s tailored to the unique needs of your practice. It does more than maintain your hardware, though; an MSP also keeps your applications up-to-date and augments your protection from cyberattacks. Your MSP also makes sure your practice is in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), which ensures data security in the healthcare industry.

Adopting technology is no longer optional for dental practices. Rather, it has become crucial in getting your patients’ trust and overcoming challenges. Partnering with an MSP means entrusting a key component of your business to experts so that you can focus on what you do best, which is taking good care of your patients.

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