7 Key Questions to Ask Your IT Provider

7 Key Questions to Ask Your IT Provider

Technology is the backbone of every dental practice. To keep their technology running smoothly, dental offices require IT support. Some choose to hire in-house while in other cases, many decide to outsource. Outsourced dental IT can provide many benefits, but finding the right dental IT provider can prove difficult. If you are comparing different providers, here is a list of 7 key questions you should be asking.

1. What is included in my monthly service?

Managed service providers (MSP) have many different ways of charging for their services. And each provider’s monthly price will cover a variety of services. Before partnering with a specific provider, it’s important to understand what services are included.

Some companies advertise a base monthly rate but charge for many small things, like onsite services or setting up a new computer. Ask providers early on what services they include in their pricing to avoid any hidden fees. You can go with a provider that offers an all-encompassing model, or one that goes with a more a la carte style or pricing. 

2. Do you charge extra for after-hours work?

Similar to understanding what dental IT services a provider covers, it’s also important to understand if your IT provider charges differently depending on what time of day it is. For example, some companies will charge a higher rate for any work done after business hours or on the weekends.

You’ll want to know if this is the case before you sign any contract or enter a partnership. You may still end up going with an dental IT provider that charges for after-hours work over a company that doesn’t, but then you will be prepared. You don’t want to end up with something broken after-hours and then be stuck paying a higher rate than you were expecting.

3. What compliance frameworks do you support?

Since dental offices deal with a lot of patient data, you’ll want to make sure that your IT company has experience with compliance frameworks like HIPAA. Working within compliance frameworks means managing data differently. By ensuring they have experience with your compliance framework, you can trust they know how to handle your data. 

4. Am I able to scale my services with you?

One of the many benefits of outsourcing your IT is the ability to scale your technology services up or down, depending on your needs. For example, are you limited to a contracted amount of time before you can scale down any services? Or will they work with you when you need them? Make sure to check the flexibility of any potential providers. 

5. How many technicians do you have and how do they interact with my practice?

Your practice has access to a pool of knowledge that is otherwise unattainable by working with a managed service provider. Having dozens of experts to back up your business can make a big difference in efficiency and technology sophistication. So, ask how many technicians a provider employs. However, bigger doesn’t always mean better - you’ll also want to make sure your provider has experience in working with dental offices in particular. 

On top of determining how many technicians a provider has, you’ll also want to understand how they interact with your practice. If you are using an on-site model, will you have a dedicated consultant or just whenever a technician is available? By having the same team of technicians committed to your practice, they will have time to get to know your network, operations, and employees and provide better and more tailored solutions.

6. How do you keep your technicians trained and up-to-date on the latest technology?

After you’ve determined how many technicians your provider employs and how they will work with you, you’ll also want to understand how the provider keeps them trained. Technology is constantly evolving, with new solutions, software, and cyber threats being created all the time. Any IT technician working on your network needs to be informed on the latest trends and tools. 

So ask providers how they train their technicians and keep them updated on the latest information. Determine if education is a priority for them and their teams. Likewise, how often is that information shared with you as their client? 

7. What is unique about your IT business?

Lastly, another key question to ask your IT provider is how they are different. What sets them apart from other providers? Have them explain their differentiators and unique offerings.

Even more, ask to speak with their current clients. See what they have to say about the provider. This can give you the best idea of how the company operates and works with its clients. 

Overall, finding the right dental IT service provider for your practice isn’t impossible - it just takes a little effort. Knowing what questions to ask and what to look for when comparing different dental IT companies is important to separate high-quality providers from lower-quality counterparts.

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