Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud: Pros and Cons for Dental Practices

Cloud computing is essentially the delivery of computing resources such as servers, storage, networking, and software over the internet, instead of being limited by your machine’s local hard drive. This technology, of course, has become widely adopted by dental practices due to the many ways it increases business flexibility, streamlines logistics, and reduces costs.

Cloud Computing: Is It the Right Choice for Your Dental Practice?

Cloud technology has revolutionized countless industries, from e-commerce to finance. But how does it fare in the world of dental practices? In a field where meticulous record-keeping and reliable systems are paramount, finding the right technological solution is essential.

Cloud Services: The Benefits and Drawbacks for Dental Practices

Cloud computing provides on-demand services over the internet. These services include server, storage, networking, software, and data analytics services. Due to the cloud’s many benefits, many businesses in the United States leverage the technology in some capacity.

5 Common Cloud Myths Dental Practices Should Know

Cloud computing services are a popular option among dental practices. It enables practices to delegate management of IT functions to a dedicated team, and saves the practice from having to invest in the hardware and storage capabilities required, especially as it grows in size.

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