The CryptoWall virus is affecting businesses just like yours, here’s how to stay safe!

Here at Pact-One, we care about your network safety and keeping these tips in mind as well as contacting us when you experience unfamiliar notifications, will keep your technology performing in tip-top shape.

You hear it time and time again. Yet another story of some random computer virus infecting a computer network and resulting in […]

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Tax law changes doesn’t mean you can’t spend money at the end of the year

2014 produced a lot of changes in the way most businesses conduct their daily practices, especially in the area of taxes. In the past, businesses have been able to write-off up to $500,000 in capital expenses so businesses were able to invest in the technologies that their businesses needed to operate efficiently because they […]

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California’s tightening the belt around data breaches

As the end of 2014 draws near, we reflect back on the year’s changes. One such change that is being marked as a catalyst for change in federal laws has been the expansion of California’s current data breach laws. On September 30th, Governor Brown signed A.B. 1710, a bill that was created in response […]

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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Data Continuity Planning but were afraid to ask!

In the business world, anything can happen. You could face physical disasters like the loss of a company laptop or stolen hardware or internal disasters like employees hacking into your database or data breaches, it is for this reason why data continuity planning is so vital. While yes, we know that data continuity planning, […]

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What’s the health of your practice?

Picture this.
A patient walks into your practice and says, “I’m here for a prescription. My stomach hurts so I need something with extra strength.” Does your nurse take their word for it and go straight to the pharmacy? Probably not.
You know that before any treatment can be given to a patient, you first have […]

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HIPPA – What Areas of Your Practice Are At RISK?

It is often said that when you take a big risk, there’s a chance for an even bigger reward. While this is certainly the case for most things, taking the risk of not complying with HIPAA is not one of them. When your practice is not HIPAA compliant, you’re leaving the troops vulnerable.
Craft a […]

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If You Think You’re Not Breaching HIPAA? Think Again!

For those of us working in the health, dental or medical industry HIPAA violations are a pretty big deal. For practitioners and business associates alike, a HIPAA violation affects the very core of our businesses, our finances as well as our reputations. Violators can face non-compliance penalties costing up to $1.5 million per HIPAA […]

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What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses With Your Technology?

When it comes to technology for our businesses, most of us don’t think entirely too much about it. And for good reason, you’ve hired an IT provider to focus on your technology for you so that you can spend your time on other things. At least, that’s what you pay them to do.

But is […]

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The Future of Business is Looking Mighty Foggy!

Technology has changed over the years. Think about it. We went from the Ford Model T to the Tesla Roadster, the rotary dial telephone to the iPhone and the IBM 702 to the Lenovo Yoga. It’s apparent that over time, we have surely modernized as a society and developed new technologies to make our […]

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“Hello, this is David from Microsoft:” How to Avoid Tech Support Phone Scams

Recently the Pact-One team has received a couple of calls from our clients about representatives claiming to be from Microsoft and needing to remote in to their systems because they have detected problems. Our clients who received this call, directed the so-called reps to us and when asked for a name and number, the […]

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