Mobilegeddon is on the horizon. Where will your website fall?

We live in a world on the go. In fact, nearly 94% of people use a mobile phone to get local information.

So what does that mean for your business?

Since people utilize mobile tools in order to access information, your company’s mobile presence means everything when it comes to gaining new customers. It’s a simple […]

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SCAM ALERT: WebsiteBackup Sends Misleading “Invoices” to Businesses, Causing Much Confusion.

By now you might have heard about a mailing scam that is attacking many businesses. The scam goes like this: a company, in this case named, WebsiteBackup, uses public business directories to obtain addresses and website information in order to send unsuspecting businesses one page letters that resemble payment invoices and include a payment […]

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Technology Seems To Be Making Work Relationships Even More Confusing Than Before

It’s pretty interesting when you consider the art of ‘business relationships.’  You can work with someone for 15 years; your oldest child is seven and your marriage is 11 years old.  Is it acceptable to consider them your friend?  What if they’re your boss?  Or, if you’re their boss?  How then does this affect […]

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Google is now officially licensed to sell you Auto Insurance… What’s next for the big G-Man?

A rather interesting move for Google has been its not-so-recent plight into the world of Auto Insurance.  I say ‘not-so-recent’ because Google has currently been operating within the insurance sector for about two years in Britain.  However, they’ve decided to take their act to America and have initially rolled out the red carpet in […]

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Thinking Outside The Box, By Thinking In

Parents generally tend to overthink things.  They say that as you have your second, third and fourth child this tendency will usually fall to the wayside.  But, with your first baby, you’re constantly overthinking anything and everything.  Anyone that comes within a 10 foot radius of your baby gets assaulted with hand sanitizer.
Most business […]

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Can your company survive a data breach?

When people think of data breaches, they often think of big name companies like Target, Kmart or even Walmart. But the truth is, most data breaches occur in the small business sector more often than not.

In fact, more than half of U.S. businesses with less than $10 million in revenue reported at least one […]

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Turn Your End of Year Tech Refresh into an Operational Expense!

Today’s business world requires advanced technologies in order to keep the pace. Be it faster processors, high speed internet or even new operating systems, small businesses today have to equip themselves with optimized technology to meet their customer’s needs as well as to stay competitive. But in many cases, the hiccup of cost is […]

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Section 179 Limits to Expand for 2014

In the small business space, Section 179 is often seen as one of the most useful tax deductions. The law allows smaller businesses to deduct the cost of tangible personal property in a single year (instead of depreciating over time) that they’ve purchased and use for business at least 51% of the time.

This amount […]

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The CryptoWall virus is affecting businesses just like yours, here’s how to stay safe!

Here at Pact-One, we care about your network safety and keeping these tips in mind as well as contacting us when you experience unfamiliar notifications, will keep your technology performing in tip-top shape.

You hear it time and time again. Yet another story of some random computer virus infecting a computer network and resulting in […]

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Tax law changes doesn’t mean you can’t spend money at the end of the year

2014 produced a lot of changes in the way most businesses conduct their daily practices, especially in the area of taxes. In the past, businesses have been able to write-off up to $500,000 in capital expenses so businesses were able to invest in the technologies that their businesses needed to operate efficiently because they […]

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