How to preserve a strong company culture

Culture impacts your business daily.  From employee decisions to client loyalty, culture has major influence on your overall reputation and, ultimately, the future of your organization.  Creating a strong culture that resonates from the very top of your organization to the very bottom is extremely important.  It’ll help keep your business successfully aligned with […]

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How do you handle a bad review?

You can’t please them all.  Unfortunately, business isn’t that simple and your clients don’t all hail from the same planet.  Even if you and your staff do everything absolutely, 100% right, you still might miss the mark.  Clients are volatile. Depending on what kind of day they’ve been having, how many red lights they […]

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Server 2003 End of Life…Are you prepared?

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July is fast-approaching.  And, with it, a hacker’s greatest fantasy.  It’s time to make sure your business is prepared to make this desire nothing more than a mere pipedream.

This hacker’s fantasy rides on the waves of Server 2003’s end of life.  On July 14th, all support for Server 2003 comes to an […]

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How to use Pinterest to promote your dental practice

It’s hard to avoid just how big Pinterest has gotten lately.  Their success is unmatched.  As of last year, they were the fastest-growing social media platform around and it’s estimated that Pinterest will reach nearly 50 million users by the end of this year.

Pinterest has given businesses everywhere a rare and totally new form […]

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How valuable are your managers? Find out with this performance index!

It isn’t only about finances anymore.  When it comes to examining the market value of a company, intangibles are heavily considered.  And, just how substantial are these intangibles?  Well, about 50% of a company’s value hinges upon intangible ideals.

According to business gurus, David Ulrich and Allan Freed, “wise, long term investors recognize that leadership […]

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Webinar – Has Technology Made Us Too Impersonal?

How to Navigate the Tech World While Still Maintaining a Personal Voice with Your Customers.
In today’s technology driven world, people rely more and more on smart devices and gadgets in their daily lives. Whether it’s communicating with Grandma via text, conducting banking transactions through our mobile phones or even adjusting our thermostat with […]

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Mobilegeddon is on the horizon. Where will your website fall?

We live in a world on the go. In fact, nearly 94% of people use a mobile phone to get local information.

So what does that mean for your business?

Since people utilize mobile tools in order to access information, your company’s mobile presence means everything when it comes to gaining new customers. It’s a simple […]

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SCAM ALERT: WebsiteBackup Sends Misleading “Invoices” to Businesses, Causing Much Confusion.

By now you might have heard about a mailing scam that is attacking many businesses. The scam goes like this: a company, in this case named, WebsiteBackup, uses public business directories to obtain addresses and website information in order to send unsuspecting businesses one page letters that resemble payment invoices and include a payment […]

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Technology Seems To Be Making Work Relationships Even More Confusing Than Before

It’s pretty interesting when you consider the art of ‘business relationships.’  You can work with someone for 15 years; your oldest child is seven and your marriage is 11 years old.  Is it acceptable to consider them your friend?  What if they’re your boss?  Or, if you’re their boss?  How then does this affect […]

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Google is now officially licensed to sell you Auto Insurance… What’s next for the big G-Man?

A rather interesting move for Google has been its not-so-recent plight into the world of Auto Insurance.  I say ‘not-so-recent’ because Google has currently been operating within the insurance sector for about two years in Britain.  However, they’ve decided to take their act to America and have initially rolled out the red carpet in […]

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