Replacing Tech in your Dental Practice with Tax Code Section 179

Modern dentistry is a symphony of precision and performance, choreographed by technology that seamlessly blends the science of healthcare with the sophistication of IT.

However, the reality many dental practices often face is the high cost associated with this cutting-edge technology.

Top Dental Conferences in the United States

Attending dental conferences plays a pivotal role in the professional growth of dentists, dental professionals, practice owners, and dental staff. These events not only offer a platform for learning about industry advancements but also serve as a crucial networking opportunity.

Dental IT Support: Pros and Cons, Cost and Options

With the continual rise of ransomware attacks (every 2 seconds by 2031 - reported by Cybercrime Magazine) and natural disasters (28 separate disasters costing at least $1 billion each in 2023 – reported by, reliable and secure IT support is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Change Healthcare Cyberattack Affects Dental Practice eServices

In a world that increasingly relies on digital systems for record-keeping, the recent cyberattack on Change Healthcare has sent shockwaves through the healthcare industry, with ripple effects extending to the dental sector. Traditionally viewed as low-risk targets, dental practices have often lagged in the race for cybersecurity.

Best Dental IT Companies in the United States

Finding the right dental IT company can be a lot of work. The reality is that there are many IT companies to choose from across the United States and they don’t all offer the same services (or work mainly with dental professionals). 

So, how do you find a reliable dental IT company without spending days sifting through your options? 

To help make your search for the best dental IT company a little bit easier, we listed dental IT support companies, or managed services providers (MSPs) and made sure to highlight their service offerings, pricing, and the areas they serve.

True Cost of Data Backup for Dental Offices

In the digital age, the backbone of a successful dental practice is not just excellent clinical skills—it's secure, reliable data management. Data backup can be a large investment for dental practices. But it’s a necessity to remain HIPAA compliant.

Dental IT Support: IT Guy vs. Dental IT Company

The efficiency and patient care in your dental office often hinge on the underappreciated but vital backbone that is your IT support. As dentistry increasingly relies on technological advancements, from digital patient records to advanced imaging systems, the significance of robust IT infrastructure cannot be overstated.

Looking for Dental IT Services in California? 5 Things You Should Know

Navigating the world of Information Technology (IT) services for your dental practice in California can be as intricate as the procedures you perform on your patients. From the ever-changing regulations surrounding patient data to the constant technological advancements, your choice in IT support can significantly impact your practice's efficiency, security, and overall success.

3 Disaster Recovery Myths Your Dental Practice Should Ignore

Disaster recovery (DR) has undergone major changes for the better since cloud computing became popular. In particular, dental practices have benefitted from more cost-effective and reliable DR solutions. But there are still plenty of misconceptions about DR that are keeping many dental practice owners from adopting the right DR strategies.

4 Facts About HIPAA and Your Dental IT

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations about IT have become much clearer over the course of the past few years, but there are still a few areas in which your office might not be compliant. This isn’t necessarily because of negligence on your part, but rather a lack of understanding of the requirements.

Some services (such as LogMeIn) may be down due to theGlobal IT Outage