Network Management & Support

Proactive Monitoring and Response for Optimum Performance

Keeping your practice moving starts with a reliable and secure network. With Pact-One, you have a team of dental IT experts whose goal is to make sure your network runs optimally and remains secure.

  • IT Support Services – remote monitoring and alert system
  • IT Service Plans – onsite and live help desk remote support
  • IT Maintenance – hardware and software management, monitoring, and upgrades
  • IT Security – layers of security protection for your computers and servers
  • IT backup, disaster, and “instant” recovery solutions
  • IT HIPAA/HITECH compliance and tech support services

Let’s decide together whether it’s time to outsource your IT management to the experts. A representative will work to gain an understanding of your practice and your unique IT needs. Contact us today.

If you can’t count on your network to run efficiently when production is scheduled, it’s unreliable.

In the dental industry, unreliable equipment has a greater cost than just monetary: it can affect staff, patient relationships, your reputation, and more. So, before you make any changes to your dental network support services or delay replacing faulty equipment, look at the real costs of unreliable technology to your practice — it’s significant.

1. Downtime and Lost Production

True production costs can be estimated at $700 per hour for one doctor, one hygiene practice, or more. Factor in paying employees while waiting for a fix and you are bleeding thousands of dollars just for one unplanned repair.

2. No Maintenance

Rush repairs and security risks will inevitably cost you more than properly maintained computers and networks.

3. Equipment Repair

“Putting out fires” shouldn’t be the preferred way to run your practice. It forces key staff members to stop what they are doing to deal with the crisis.

4. Equipment Replacement

With unreliable equipment, you will need to consider replacing it when you least expect it. And that’s never good.

5. Data Loss

The consequences of this type of incident can be irreparable, so it is best to be prepared.

6. Sacrificing Quality

Poor-quality technology will quickly erode patient trust in you and your practice.

7. Security Risks

Unreliable networks will leave all your data vulnerable to external threats and hackers.

8. Lost Patients

Patients do not like the inconvenience of rescheduling or delaying treatment due to faulty or broken technology.

The Ultimate Guide To IT Support Services And Fees

If you are the owner of a growing dental practice, this report contains important information that will be extremely valuable to you as you search for a knowledgeable data encryption IT firm you can trust.

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Client Success Manager
Professional insight on hardware, time-saving technology, and budget-friendly IT solutions.

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Network Security
HIPAA healthcare-level security

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Backup & Disaster Recovery
“Air gap” backup solution that also defends against attacks and data loss.

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Cloud Solutions
Design, monitor, manage and secure your practice IT infrastructure in the cloud environment.

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Additional Services
VoIP Solutions, Office 365, Email hosting, HIPAA Risk Assessments

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