5 Things to Know Before Receiving a Quote for Dental IT Services

5 Things to Know Before Receiving a Quote for Dental IT Services

If you're in charge of managing IT for a dental practice, or the owner weighing IT options for your office, the stakes are high: finding the right dental IT company can mean the difference between a streamlined workflow and a constant battle with technical setbacks. Enlisting IT support for your dental practice should be a carefully considered decision, much like any aspect that affects your practice's core services. 

Here are the top five considerations you'll want to keep in mind as your acquiring quotes for dental IT services.

#1. Research the Dental IT Company

The first step in selecting a dental IT service provider is to do your homework. While recommendations from colleagues can be a good starting point, your due diligence should include a more in-depth look at the provider's track record.

Online Reviews and Testimonials

Browse through online platforms (such as Google, Clutch.co, etc.) to see what other dental practices are saying about the IT company. Pay attention to the types of issues that were resolved and the time it took for the provider to address them.

Certifications and Partnerships

Reputable IT companies often hold certifications and have partnerships with recognized technology brands (such as Microsoft, Dell, HP, Datto, Sophos, Ironscales, blackpoint, etc.) indicating a dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest in IT solutions.

Experience in the Dental Industry

An IT service provider with an established track record in the dental industry is more likely to understand the unique needs and challenges of dental practices, which can lead to more effective support and solutions. They will have more experience with practice management software and imaging software and hardware that may be utilized within your dental office.

#2. Understand Your Practice's IT Needs

Every dental practice is different (an orthodontic practice has different software than an oral surgery practice), so the IT services you require will be unique to your specific workflow and tools. Understanding your practice's IT needs is vital for selecting a provider that can offer tailored solutions.

Comprehensive IT Assessment

Before approaching any IT companies, conduct a thorough assessment of your practice’s existing IT infrastructure. Jot down the areas causing the most trouble or needing improvement.  

Unsure where to start? A notable dental IT company should be able to conduct an in-depth IT assessment of your infrastructure. This type of assessment will provide: 

  • Vital Information: Gain comprehensive insights into your current system, potential vulnerabilities, and areas of improvement. 
  • Hardware Lifespan: Receive an expert assessment of your existing hardware’s longevity and reliability. 
  • Budget-Friendly Solutions: Uncover cost-effective IT solutions that will foster your practice’s growth. 
  • More Accurate Quote and Customized Plan: A tailored IT plan keeping your practice goals in mind.


Consider not only what your practice needs right now but what you might need in the future. Your dental IT services should be scalable and able to grow with your practice.

Special Considerations

Your practice has specific compliance needs, such as HIPAA requirements for healthcare information. Ensure the IT company you select has IT services and solutions equipped to maintain these standards.

#3. Consider Scalability and Future Growth

Your dental IT services should not only meet your current needs but also be designed to accommodate growth and changes in the future.

Discuss with the IT Service Provider

Engage in open conversation with the IT service provider about the future trajectory of your practice. Ensure they can scale their services accordingly.

Flexible Service Agreements

Opt for service agreements that allow for adjustments or upgrades as your practice evolves, without being locked into rigid contacts that don’t meet your changing needs.

Seamless Expansion

Ask about the experience the IT company has with supporting dental practices through expansions or relocations. A good dental IT service provider will have well-documented processes to ensure a smooth transition.

#4. Verify Level of Support and Services

The level of support you receive from your IT service provider can make all the difference in your practice's ability to maintain efficiency and productivity. The quote you receive should layout exactly what type of IT support your dental practice will receive (remote, on-site, or both) and any additional services you may have inquired about.

Response Times

Understand the dental IT service provider’s service level agreements (SLAs) regarding response times for different types of issues. Quick response times indicate a commitment to minimizing downtime for your practice.

On-Site and Remote IT Support

Consider your preference for on-site support versus remote assistance. Many issues can be resolved remotely, but some may necessitate in-person support, so ensure the provider offers both options.

Additional IT Services

Identify what additional services the dental IT company may provide. Many IT companies provide additional IT services such as 24/7 managed detection and response, device encryption, access management, email security, email hosting and management, and VoIP phone. 

Having one IT company responsible for the total health of your network can give you added peace of mind.

#5. Check for Data Security Measures

The importance of data security in a dental practice cannot be overstated. Protecting patient records and confidential information should be a top priority for any IT service provider.

Data Encryption and Backups

Ensure the provider uses robust encryption methods to safeguard your data and has reliable backup systems in place to protect against data loss. Some things to keep in mind are: 

  • Do they offer cloud, on-site, or hybrid backup solutions?  
  • How often will your data be backed up? 
  • Is automated monitoring included?

Cybersecurity Measures

Discuss the provider’s cybersecurity protocols for preventing and detecting breaches, such as firewalls, antivirus software, and intrusion detection systems.

What Should a Quote for Dental IT Services Include?

A comprehensive quote for dental IT services should clearly outline all the elements essential for maintaining and securing your dental practice’s technological needs. This includes: 

  • Cost of initial setup and installation 
  • Monthly or annual service fees 
  • Type of support you will receive (remote, on-site, or both) 
  • Specifics on what services are offered, such as 24/7 monitoring, cybersecurity measures, and data and backup recovery solutions 
  • Included hardware or software products and their warranties 

Some IT companies will provide you with a quick quote (often referred to as a shell option – to make the initial price seem as low as possible) which may not accurately outline what is needed for your specific IT network.  

For the quote to be accurate, a dental IT company should assess your current IT infrastructure. If an assessment has not been completed before you receive a quote, you may experience unexpected costs later down the line.


By keeping these five considerations in mind and understanding how quotes are presented, you’ll be better equipped to evaluate the quotes you receive for dental IT services. Remember that your IT provider should be a long-term partner in your practice’s success, dedicated to providing reliable, efficient, and secure technology solutions.

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