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Today, many dental practices use inferior or incomplete technology. When researching for options, it’s key to understand why a dental IT provider can provide the better services you need, at a price you can afford. To get you ahead when finding the right IT company, make sure you consider these three things:

The benefits of specialization in expertise

With the myriad of software that the modern dental practice uses, a company with a trusted in-house team of dental IT experts is a good indicator of their commitment to your environment and needs and will have a huge impact on your final results.

HIPAA is top-priority

Companies such as Pact-One Solutions adhere to the same strict HIPAA data management policies the dentist must follow and is full of technicians who are familiar and trained with Practice Management software, HIPAA regulations, data security, protected health information (PHI), and dental office workflow.


Network health as a WHOLE

Dental networks have several distinct components, and each must work in harmony with the others to ensure high quality and efficiency. The wrong combination can leave your network vulnerable to security threats.

The right IT partner is concerned not just with support itself, but also with identifying potential liabilities or weaknesses in your system that may expose patient records and threaten your practice’s reputation.

5 reasons why we have always been
a “Dental” IT company:

  1. We found that defective networks inherited from other technology providers presented major challenges and needed a champion to remediate.
  2. We needed to control our own destiny. We had a clear vision and are excited to constantly expand our services.
  3. The only way to be the best was to specialize. We have been on the MSP Top 500 list in the world for the last three years.
  4. We have a deep understanding of what resonates with our dentists.
  5. We believe there is tangible evidence of an enhanced doctor-patient relationship when technology works efficiently.

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