Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Complete Data Recovery Solution for Your Dental Practice

Disaster Strikes.
But Business Continues.

Disasters can occur any time or anywhere. Is your dental practice prepared for the unthinkable?

  • A disgruntled employee destroys your physical server
  • An office fire or flood occurs
  • Your network is compromised by a cyber attack
  • A server has reached its limit and failed
  • A patient file is accidentally deleted by a staff member

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Be Resilient with Backup & Disaster Recovery

When disaster hits, your data is key to business continuity. Without it, operatories sit empty, staff can’t do their job, and patients become frustrated. With Pact-One’s Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution you’ll be able to:


Avoid Data Loss

Protect your data from threats with air-gapped, access-controlled backups (cloud or hybrid: on-premises and cloud).

HIPAA is Top-Priority

Swiftly Restore Business Operations

Switch to an alternate, secure environment capable of sustaining your practice without disruption.


Remain HIPAA Compliant

Secure, retrievable, and replicated copies of patient health records stored in the cloud (separate from the data source).


Protect Your Livelihood

Complete and automated backups are replicated to the cloud for added protection and to ensure total recovery.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery FAQs

Disaster recovery is the process of recovering your business from a disaster. This process involves restoring your IT infrastructure (hardware, software, data), as well as other business operations, communications, and customer service. The goal of disaster recovery is to minimize downtime, avoid data loss, and restore business operations as quickly as possible after a disaster occurs.

For more information on disaster recovery, check out our blog “Disaster Recovery: Everything Your Business Needs to Know”.

Data backup is the process of saving data in a secure location so that it can be restored in case it is lost or compromised. Disaster recovery (DR) goes further by providing a comprehensive plan to restore not only data but also the entire IT infrastructure and critical applications. While backups are an essential part of DR, the full scope of DR includes system recovery, failover processes, and maintaining business operations during recovery.

A robust disaster recovery plan includes:

  • Risk Assessment: Identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities
  • Business Impact Analysis: Evaluating the impact of data loss on operations
  • Recovery Objectives: Defining Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)
  • Data Backup Strategies: Regularly scheduled backups of critical data
  • Recovery Procedures: Step-by-step guidelines for restoring systems and data
  • Communication Plan: Clear communication channels for notifying staff and stakeholders
  • Testing and Maintenance: Regular testing and updates to the plan to ensure its effectiveness

Find out exactly what you need to ensure business continuity by downloading our free eBook – 7 Rules Even the Most Basic Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan for Dental Practices Must Follow (complete with a BDR checklist).

The cost of disaster recovery services can vary widely based on the complexity and size of your dental practice's IT infrastructure. On average, a dental practice can expect to pay anywhere from $99-$249 per month (equating to approximately $3-$8 per day) for a secure backup solution.

However, consider it an investment— the cost of downtime and data loss can far exceed the expense of implementing an effective disaster recovery plan. We offer scalable solutions tailored to fit different budgets while ensuring optimal protection.

Compare costs in our blog “True Cost of Data Backup for Dental Offices

The best method for disaster recovery in a dental practice involves a combination of reliable data backup, cloud-based solutions, and a detailed recovery plan. Cloud-based DR services offer significant benefits including scalability, quick recovery times, and secure off-site data storage – protecting from local disasters and keeping your practice HIPAA compliant.

To ensure effective disaster recovery, you should back up:

  • Patient Records: All Electronic Health Records (EHR) and patient history
  • Financial Data: Billing information, payroll, and accounting data
  • Operational Data: Appointments, schedules, and practice management software data
  • Communications: Emails and other important communications
  • Software Configurations: Settings and configurations of your dental practice software, as well as all applications, databases, and your operating system

Your dental practice needs disaster recovery to:

  • Ensure Continuity: Maintain business operations with minimal disruption
  • Protect Patient Data: Safeguard sensitive patient information against loss or theft
  • Compliance: Meet regulatory requirements for data protection and privacy
  • Financial Security: Avoid the high costs associated with data loss and downtime
  • Reputation Management: Preserve your practice's reputation by demonstrating reliability and resilience

Find out more in our blog “Why Dental Practices Need Disaster Recovery”.

Dental offices should back up their data daily to ensure business- and user-created data is up-to-date and stored securely. However, depending on the individual practice, backups can be scheduled more frequently. A good rule of thumb is to schedule backups to occur outside of business hours to minimize disruption to daily business operations and provide a complete snapshot of each day

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