Dental IT Consulting

Professional Insight on Hardware, Time-Saving Tech, and Budget-Friendly IT Solutions

Built with Your Practice in Mind

Our experts will match you with technology solutions that fit your practice and budget. You’ll get access to better hardware, time-saving technology, and the first-class service you deserve, complete with dedicated support.

Our full-service Dental IT Consulting Delivers

Office Build or Move
  • When you enlist the help of our experts. We can provide valuable information about the integration of your network that can prevent costly mistakes.
  • We can help you budget for items, options and add-ons can seem limitless when purchasing or moving a network.
  • There are plenty of pitfalls, so we help you pay close attention to every step of the way.
Network Hardware and Enhanced Functionality
  • Knowledge is power, but if you don’t have anything to compare your experience to then you don’t know if you’re getting the best for your money or even the right solution that will meet the demands of your growth.
  • Managing your budget is keen to ensure that maximum effectiveness and benefits come from your investments. We will work with you and your budget to find the right purchase solution.
Successful Dental Technology
  • Sometimes the world of IT can be confusing. Avoid spending money on soluions that may not accomplish what you set out to do.
  • Continuous meetings to review and discuss future integration that improves quality, reduces risk, and maintains a fast, reliable, and sustainable workspace.

We genuinely believe in helping people by improving IT. Figuring out what works for your practice can sometimes be an unnerving task. Your Client Success Manager will take this weight off your shoulders by serving as your technology consultant - at no additional charge. You’ll be able to step away from tedious technology issues and focus on the essential parts of your practice.

Transform your practice with a true partner in
Technology and see what’s possible.

Find the Expertise You Need

Dental IT Support

Help desk and local onsite technicians
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Network Management & Support

Proactively monitor and respond for optimum performance
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Network Security

HIPAA healthcare-level security
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Cloud Solutions

Design, monitor, manage and secure your practice IT infrastructure in the cloud environment.
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Additional Services

VoIP Solutions, Office 365, Email hosting, HIPAA Risk Assessments
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