The book Easy Prey illustrates how small business like ours in the dental field are extremely vulnerable to electronic data issues. Large corporations can afford to employe their own full time IT data experts. In small business, the owner is left to fend for themselves. I personally know two dentists whose offices were damaged by fire and the other flooded by a leaking pipe. Another dentist I know lost 6 months of practice management data because of a hard drive failure and inadequate backups. Finally, one doctor I know lost his entire practice database due to the cryptovirus. Each one of these happened here in the Las Vegas Valley. If that's just what I heard about, then it's a widespread problem happening everywhere. Dental small business owners don't have to fend for themselves when they collaborate with a "Managed IT Service Provider" who can evaluate risks, make changes, monitor, and protect our data in the ever changing and complex digital world.

David A. Chenin, DDS, MSD
Board Certified Orthodontic Specialist

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