Keeping Your Network Secure

Keeping Your Network Secure

Keeping Your Network Secure 

Modern dental practices are ever evolving and with that comes the dependence on IT systems. Practice management software - such as Dentrix, Eaglesoft, or Practiceworks – streamline processes and are a hub of vital patient information. 

Although these technologies are very resourceful, they could bring your dental practice to a screeching halt should an intruder infect the network. Therefore, it is important to safeguard your network and ensure it is secure. 

Software and Firewall Updates

One way to ensure your dental practice network is secure is to make sure your firewall and software are updated. When software is out-of-date, the technology does not perform to its full capacity and causes issues – such as a lag in time, crashes, or other malfunctions. Updates are provided to employ new features and improve software performance.  

Additionally, your dental practice network will have the latest and greatest tools for security and management when everything is up to date – stopping software bugs in their tracks and providing optimal performance. 

Security Patches 

As added security, ensure you have regularly scheduled security patches for software security vulnerabilities. The purpose of these patches are to cover any security holes that an update or initial software download may have missed. Code fills in, or “patches” the vulnerability to help secure the system against an attack. 

Due to how quickly the technology sector is evolving, these patches play a vital role in protecting your dental practice and the precious data it holds within its network. 

Avoid Unnecessary Downloads 

An email requires you to download an attached record, should it be downloaded? That depends. 

Avoiding unnecessary downloads is another key factor in keeping your network secure. Files, whether received via email or triggered by a download from a website, could be malware or infected files. If a file must be downloaded, it is good practice to make sure the source of the download is something or someone you trust.  

Cybersecurity and Your Dental Practice 

As a modern dental practice, it is important to safeguard against cyberattacks. Your patients depend on you, your staff, and the technology you utilize to keep them safe – including their precious information. By practicing these methods of cybersecurity, you can guard against highly creative and innovative cybercriminals. 

 Pact-One provides dental practices with a multilayered approach to security which includes all the measures you need to protect your patients’ data and ensure HIPAA compliance. Contact us today to schedule your FREE network security audit. 

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