Enjoy Improved Patient Experience with Reliable IT

Avoid setbacks and service outages with reliable
Dental IT in Phoenix.

Why choose Pact-One for IT Solutions?

  • Benefit from time-tested strategies delivered by technicians with over 18+ years of experience
  • Dedicated Help-desk Team: resolve IT issues rapidly with responsive help-desk services from a full team of dental software experts.
  • On-site Support: provided by dedicated local technicians
  • Eliminate recurring IT issues with expert dental IT support and access to top-tier technicians.
  • Protect your business from cyberattacks with industry-leading cybersecurity solutions.
  • Large Group Practices & Multiple Locations: Hassle-free connections for large group and multiple locations.

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Pact-One Solutions Dental IT in Phoenix, AZ

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Features of Our Dental IT Solutions

Dental IT Support

Help desk and local onsite technicians.

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Large Group Practice Solutions

Integrate smooth and safe solutions for digital dentistry in high-volume.

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Network Security

HIPAA healthcare-level security.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

“Air gap” backup solution that also defends against attacks and data loss.

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Network Management

Proactively monitor and respond for optimum performance.

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Cloud Solutions

Design, monitor, manage and secure your practice IT infrastructure in the cloud environment.

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Additional Services

VoIP Solutions, Office 365, Email hosting, HIPAA Risk Assessments.

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Client Success Manager

Professional insight on hardware, time-saving technology, and budget-friendly IT solutions.

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A Leader in Dental Software Expertise for Over 20 Years

Benefits of Our Dental IT Services

Pact-One Difference: Dental Expertise, Our Size, No Surprises

Unlike other Dental IT companies, we build and deliver the right IT Solution with your vision in mind as your practice grows and expands. Here are a few ways we work with clients to ensure their IT program supports their business goals:

  • Reduce Downtime
  • Secure Patient Data
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning
  • HIPAA Compliance Guidance & Training

Responsive Service from Your Dedicated Client Success Manager

A Client Success Manager (CSM) understands the needs and goals of their clients. They work as a strategic partner to help initiate long-term solutions that will help improve practices’ efficiency and operations through technology. Working proactively not reactively.

With the ever-changing landscape of dental technology figuring out what works for your practice can be overwhelming. Your CSM will take this weight off your shoulders by serving as your technology consultant - at no additional charge.

Knowledge is power, we want to ensure you implement the best solutions that meet the demands of your practice growth. Managing your budget is the first step to ensuring that maximum effectiveness and benefits come from your investments. Your CSM will work with you and your budget to find the right purchase solution.

Let’s decide together whether it’s time to outsource your IT management to the experts.

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